Strawberry Picking Brisbane at Strawberry Fields

pick your own strawberries at strawberry fields with kids

Strawberry Picking is the ultimate family activity that you must experience while your kids are young and ideally atleast once a year!

ALERT: Please be aware that the 2021 Pick Your Own Strawberry Season has temporarily changed or even been cancelled at some locations. You should take the time to contact or visit the social media pages of the locations below before attending to find out if they are still doing PYO in 2021 or what might have changes. 

Raise your hand if you enjoy the outdoors, strawberries and quality time with your Brisbane Kids? If this sounds like your kind of day out, then you should get along to Strawberry Fields – located in Palmview on the fringe of the Sunshine Coast. Strawberry Fields is a large commercial Strawberry farm that offers you the chance to PYO (pick your own) during strawberry season.

While you are there, you may wish to try some delicious homemade Strawberry ice creams from their yummy cafe menu – which are some of the best strawberry icecreams in Brisbane or delight in a Strawberry Milkshake and enjoy the farm vibe.

fresh strawberry milkshakes at strawberry fields

Pick your own Strawberries near Brisbane

Strawberry Fields is a farm that has been offering a pick your own strawberry experience for a long time. When you arrive you will find plenty of parking and a cafe that sits in between you and the strawberry fields. There is a playground for the kids and tables and chairs for you and a shop with some fun strawberry paraphernalia for the strawberry fanatics out there. The fields are labelled in rows and the great thing about Strawberry Fields is that they open up different rows depending on how many strawberries remain and keep other rows closed to allow for their replenishment which means strawberries for everyone!

Your kids will be able to pick strawberries with true abandon but make sure you show them how to pinch under the strawberry to release it from the stem lest they pull a whole plant out in their attempt. You will receive a container before you pick, pay for the weight and do your best to get home before they are all eaten.

a punnet of strawberries you can pick yourself

The History of Strawberry Picking in Queensland

Running since 1980, Strawberry Fields has been delighting customers for years; with groups visiting from as far as Hervey Bay and Tweed Heads. Because it is a commercial farm, your Brisbane Kids will get to see the Strawberry Fields team in action as they tend to the requirements of the plants.

Why not plan an outing for your mothers/parents group? Nothing like a bit of fresh air and a satisfied tummy to ensure your little farmers sleep soundly that night! It is located at Palmview, not far from Aussie World, and a perfect detour on the way home from a day at the beach.

While you can buy strawberries all year round, PYO strawberries are seasonal from June until November. If you are close to the fringes of the season it would be best to call ahead of time to ensure there are plenty of strawberries to be picked.

Head to the Strawberry Fields website for details on location and opening hours.

Other things to check out where in the area is obviously the fun of Aussie World but also Opals Downunder where the kids can try their hand at fossicking.

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5 responses to “Strawberry Picking Brisbane at Strawberry Fields”

  1. Tammy Fitzgerald says:

    LOVE them! We go every year (and we live in Gympie) between jun/nov when ever we want strawberries. Through that time of the year I never buy at woolies or coles because they have nothing as good as these! The strawberry cheesecake is OMG! 🙂

  2. Leonie says:

    I took my son there when we first moved to Brisbane (he was just past 18 months) and loved it! He just wanted to eat them all… I am looking forward to taking him this year so that he can actually pick them properly. They are the best strawberries i have tasted. So much so that I would only by Strawberry Fields ones from my local Coles. 😉

  3. […] on our website of Strawberry Fields which is up along the highway towards the Sunshine Coast where kids can pick strawberries and sample delicious strawberry icecream. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { […]

  4. I am from Malaysia. I planned to visit my children who are studying in UQ this december. I was wondering whether I still be in time to visit PYO strawberry farms around brisbane. What would you recommend the best farm to visit ? Appreciate your response.

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