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Logan Reserve, Playground

Stoneleigh Reserve Park is a unique farm themed park where Brisbane Kids can engage in imaginative play.

Stoneleigh Reserve Park – The Fun

Inspired by Logan Reserves’ country landscape and it’s rich farming history, Stoneleigh Reserve Park is divided into three main areas – the Farmyard, the Farmhouse with orchard, and the Paddock. Instead of the traditional play equipment you would expect to see in a playground, the Farmyard play area has a range of country themed activities and equipment that encourages adventure and creative play. There are small paddocks where resident (artificial) animals, Mootilda the cow and five chickens, Murtyl, Hilda, Gertie, Chickpea and Harriet, reside under the shady branches of a fig tree. Active kids will love climbing the fig tree, jumping between the stepping-stones or soaring through the air on the double swing set. Around the Farmyard play area are hopscotch, foursquare and a word search games that will keep older children busy. On the other side is a dry rocky creek bed that passes under a bridge to explore. Weaving around the park is a network of paths providing plenty of space to practice bike, scooter and skateboard skills.

Next to the Farmyard is the Farmhouse, a covered picnic area with one electric barbecue, a large table with bench seating as well as a low table with bench seating for children. This area provides the perfect place to relax and unwind with a family BBQ. Looking out towards the pond is another shaded park bench. An orchard of fruit trees has been planted near the Farmhouse and although the trees are not producing fruit at the moment it will be a delicious and shady space once they mature. The pond in the middle of the park is home to many ducks and birds. The Paddock area is on the opposite side of the pond to the play area is a sportsman paradise with the main feature a large playing field with distance markers, combination rugby and soccer goals and a cricket pitch. Sitting along side the playing field is the gym area with a good range of exercise equipment. There is permanent fencing around the pond on the farmyard side and on the paddock side the landscape is designed to keep little explorers out of the water but temporary fencing as has also been set up as an extra measure. One of the many lovely features of the park is the farmyard artwork by the year five and six students from Logan Reserve State School (2015) that has been printed on the ‘water tank’ seating scattered around the park.

Imagination Factor

Stoneleigh Reserve’s natural approach gives Brisbane Kids the opportunity to use the environment and their imagination to make their own games. Little farmers can tend to the animals and other farm chores around the Farmyard or make rock piles in the dry creek bed. Older kids will be entertained playing hopscotch or wordsearch, kicking a ball around, climbing the fig tree or going for a ride.

Special Needs Factor at Stoneleigh Reserve Park

The Farmyard area of the park is not wheelchair accessible but the main paths leading from the road and around the park are wide and the Farmhouse area is accessible. Street parking is available along Stoneleigh Reserve Boulevard or alternatively the Loganlea and Kingston train stations are nearby. There are several water taps with bubblers and dog bowls throughout the park. The only downside to the park is there are no toilets.

Stoneleigh Reserve Park – The Facts

  • Wood chip and soft fall base
  • Partly shaded by trees
  • The Farmyard play area with water tower, chickens and a cow
  • Double swing
  • Stepping stones
  • Dry creek bed with rocks
  • Blackboard
  • Bridge
  • Exercise equipment
  • Rugby, soccer field with cricket pitch
  • Walking/bike tracks
  • Games – Four square, hopscotch and word search
  • The Farmhouse shelter with picnic tables
  • Water taps, bubblers and dog bowls
  • Pond with wildlife
  • Electric barbecue
  • NO toilets
  • Street parking

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Stoneleigh Reserve Park is located Stoneleigh Reserve Boulevard, Logan Reserve.


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3 responses to “Stoneleigh Reserve Park in Logan Reserve | Unique Country Farm Fun”

  1. Debbie says:

    This is a good park if you live 10mins away. But if you have to travel it certainly isn’t worth it. A lot smaller than we thought it would be and the BBQ didn’t work so we had to pack up and go to another park. Was not overly impressed.

  2. Debbie says:

    It is more of a residential park than a visiting park.

  3. Gabriella Fowles says:

    The park need toilet and an off leash dog area.

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