Starting Your Own Playgroup

Starting your own Playgroup

Would you like to make new friends? Would you like your child to play in a safe, fun environment? Why not start your own playgroup?

Playgroups are a great way for adults to spend time with their children, make friends and increase their support networks. Meanwhile children develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually, as they discover new experiences, gain self-confidence and make new friends too.

If there aren’t any playgroups in your area, or if you can’t find one that suits you and your family, start your own!  Playgroup Queensland offers supports to new playgroups with playgroup books, activity cards, music cd and a Crayola starter pack.

Here are 7 simple steps on starting your own playgroup:

Step 1 of starting your own Playgroup : Find families

You will need 5 families with similar-aged children. Think of people you met in hospital, child health centre, ante-natal class or at school. Considerputting up a notice at your local shops, church, community or sports centre. (You could easily use facebook to do this, start a group or page with your locailty and then head to the Brisbane Kids Facebook page and ask for a shoutout)

Step 2 of starting your own Playgroup: Choose a place and decide on a day and time

Find a suitable venue for the playgroup and make contact to find out about availability and hire costs. Most playgroups meet at a community or public venue, others meet at a member’s home on a rotational basis. Popular community venues include: kindergartens, schools, church halls, parks, community centres, council buildings and scout halls. Ideally your venue should offer children’s toilets, kitchen facilities, indoor and outdoor play spaces, storage, car parking, public transport nearby and affordable rent.

Decide on a day and time for playgroup and talk about what you might want from it for you and your child. Playgroups usually meet weekly for a few hours.

Step 3 of starting your own Playgroup: What to do and what to play

How the playgroup is structured is up to the members. Playgroup can offer organised, structured activities or be less formal and more spontaneous.A typical playgroup session might include setting up, indoor and outdoor play, a break for a snack, stories and music play as a group, general clean up and pack away.

When deciding on play activities, consider indoor and outdoor spaces, safety, equipment and allowing for plenty of free play. Try to cater for the age range and developmental needs of the group.Playgroup aged children are not ready for lengthy instructions and rules; they need lots of time to explore, interact and experiment. Popular playgroup activities include painting, sandpit, playdough, building blocks, ride-on toys and dress ups.

Make a list of what equipment the group will need, by asking all the members to help contribute to the list.You do not need to buy expensive toys and equipment. Think about looking for second hand toys at garage sales, fetes or opportunity shops. Most playgroups require toys, books, play equipment and art and craft materials. Contact Playgroup QLD for more advice about sourcing equipment.

Step 4 of starting your own Playgroup: Set the guidelines

Set guidelines for the playgroup. Be clear about roles and responsibilities. Remember that playgroup is for everyone and accordingly everyone should share the workload. Each parent/caregiver is responsible for the safety and supervision of their child or children. All members should be valued and respected.

Step 5 of starting your own Playgroup: What will it cost

Most playgroups charge their members a small fee each week to cover expenses. Playgroup expenses may include hall or venue hire, first aid kit, morning tea supplies, art and craft materials and play equipment.

Step 6 of starting your own Playgroup: Registration

Send Playgroup Queensland the playgroup registration form to register the playgroup. Playgroup must be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy. Playgroup QLD offers a membership package that includes an insurance cover specially designed to meet all playgroup needs. Playgroup QLD offers new Playgroups a Playgroup starter pack, which includes Playgroup Books, Activity Cards, Music CD and a Crayola Starter Pack.

Step 7 of starting your own Playgroup: Ready to start

Set a playgroup starting date in a few weeks’ time. Remember to swap names and phone numbers so you can keep in touch. Try to plan a few simple activities for your first playgroup session to ensure it is both valuable and enjoyable.


That’s it! It is that easy to start your own Playgroup. Contact Playgroup Queensland on 1800 171 882 or email us at[email protected] if you have any further questions.

If you still arent convinced then remember we have plenty of Brisbane Playgroups already listed, North Brisbane Playgroups, South Brisbane Playgroups and Ipswich Playgroups. We also have a handy playgroup calendar and some suggested mothers groups locations.

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