Springwood Park | Tropical South-side Park

Springwood Park’s big, colourful playground is surrounded by lush green grass and tall shady trees, making it the perfect family BBQ destination on the south-side.

Springwood Park – The Fun

Springwood Park‘s playground is large, bright and colourful. With a heap of equipment, including swings, slides and a great play structure, the playground is protected from the sun by numerous overlapping shade sails. There is so much space to run and explore in this park, with lots of green grass and plenty of shady trees. The nearby creek is inaccessible, but is still fun to explore from a distance. When we visited the park last, a community of curious water dragons was spotted near to the creek on other side of the fence. Springwood Park also has four large shelters, as well as several unsheltered bench seats. There are three electric barbeques, making this an ideal spot for a family gathering.

Imagination Factor

With all of the space and large trees to hide behind in Springwood Park, a game of hide-and-seek is a must. The cool play structure is an ideal imaginary ferris wheel, rocket ship or virtually any number of great pretend houses or buildings. The grassy slopes of Springwood Park are perfect for tobogganing on a piece of cardboard.

Special Needs

Springwood Park does have toilet facilities for the disabled. There are many concrete paths and a bike path in the park, making it possible to access via wheelchair. The playground is unfenced and covered by great shadesails. There is no carpark as such, but plenty of space to park along the ring road that runs through the park itself.

Springwood Park – The Facts

  • Disabled toilet facilities
  • Unfenced playground on sand base
  • Shadesail covered playground
  • Swings (1 x infant, 1 x regular)
  • Slide
  • See-saw
  • Huge climbing play structure
  • Bike path
  • 3 electric BBQs (1 with 1 plate, 2 with 2 plates)
  • 4 shelters with tables
  • Unsheltered bench seating
  • Shade trees
  • Grassy open space
  • Creek nearby, though inaccessible
  • Ring road through park for parking

Another awesome Brisbane Playground nearby is Ewing Park.

Springwood Park is located on Cinderella Drive in Springwood.

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