Springfree Trampoline celebrates 10 years of safe, family backyard fun


It’s been 10 years since the world of trampolining was revolutionised by a father of three who simply wanted to make sure his children were safe while they enjoyed a backyard bounce.

That dad, Dr Keith Alexander (a Professor of Mechanical Engineering to boot), is the man behind the revolutionary Springfree™ keithTrampoline. It was the first in the world to be literally ‘spring free’.

“When my kids were young I wanted to get them a safe trampoline, but there wasn’t such a thing,” Keith says. “As an inventor, I thought I could do something about it.

“But instead of just covering over the dangers with pads and so on, I thought it was better to design them out altogether – get rid of the springs, put the frame where it’s impossible to fall on, create a safety net that lasts.”

With some 15 years of research and design tweaks before Springfree Trampoline even hit the market in 2003, parents the world over quickly warmed to the then-radical new design that offered high quality and utmost safety. Now, 10 years after launch, it’s those same features that are still the brand’s main selling points and reasons why Springfree Trampoline is “the world’s safest trampoline”.

“People called it revolutionary but to me it’s just good engineering,” Keith says.

Springfree Trampoline’s design has won numerous awards. Most recently, independent consumer watchdog organisation CHOICE named Springfree Trampoline’s R54 Compact Round the ONLY trampoline of 12 brands tested to pass all its major safety tests*. It was the ONLY brand that CHOICE recommended. But, more importantly, Springfree’s design has been shown to significantly reduce injuries.

According to a recent survey conducted by Kidsafe WA on behalf of the ACCC, an average of 2000 trampoline-related injuries are reported in Australia each year. Children aged between four and six are more likely to be injured.


“The Springfree design has kept thousands of kids out of hospital around the world,” Keith says. “As an engineer, that’s deeply satisfying. As a father, it’s even better.”

While the CHOICE announcement is icing on the company’s 10-year global business birthday cake, Springfree Trampoline has actually enjoyed a stellar decade in business. The company was honoured to receive the 2011 Parent Tested Parent Approved ‘Seal of Approval’ as the overall winner and 40,000 parents’ Number One trampoline choice. Other major awards include International Design Award Product of the Year (CA & US 2010) and a Good Design Australia gong (2013).

Springfree Trampoline’s success and longevity in the global market is further proven by the fact that you can find their trampolines in 15 countries around the world. There are Springfree Trampoline Experience Centres in Sydney and Melbourne with national headquarters located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Visit www.springfree.com.au


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