Spooky Black Bats | Halloween Craft

It is that time again when the spooky spirits and creepy ghouls rise in the neighbourhood—it’s Halloween!!! We have some frightful craft ideas that will keep the children busy and entertained…

Step 1.

Organise all of your materials.

What you will need:

  • Black paint
  • Black craft paper
  • Small piece of white paper
  • An empty toilet roll
  • Craft Eyes
  • Glue

Step 2.

Paint the toilet roll black and set aside to dry.

Step 3.

Draw the shape of two bat wings on the black craft paper and cut out.

Step 4.

Glue the wings to the back of the toilet roll and then glue on the craft eyes.  

Step 5.

Cut out a set of fangs from white paper and glue on. 

Step 6.

Push the top of the toilet roll down to create a pair of ears.  

Step 7.

Cut a pair of wings from black craft paper and glue onto the body of your bat. If you have no black craft paper you can paint a piece of paper black and then cut out the wings – as we did.

Oooooh a spooky black bat!!!

Spooky Black Bats

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