Splat Paint Art

Children LOVE to play with paint and colours and enjoy seeing what happens when they mix. So this is a great experimental activity for your Tiny Artists.   The following project is VERY messy, lots of fun and adaptable for children of all ages (and adults).

IMG_2431-1 IMG_2437-1


  • Different types of paint in lots of colours eg. acrylic, watercolour, glitter paints (you can create some ‘thinner’ paints by watering down some paints, this is great for those paint bottles with only small amounts of paint left just add water into the bottles and shake)
  • Paper
  • Paint brushes of different sizes

Step 1: Line up all your bottles of paint next to each other and lay your paper outside on the grass (trust me this will be much cleaner outside!)

Step 2: Start by first dripping your first colour choice of paint onto the paper. This could be either dripped from the paintbrush or straight from the bottle. As this is the first colour drip slowly onto the paper and talk about what happens when the paint falls to the paper. Try not to ‘touch’ the paper with the brushes when dripping and splashing the paint. This is all about seeing what the paint does when it falls on the paper.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 with all the different colours and different types of paint. This is where the fun (and craziness and messiness) begins! Try dripping, flicking splashing, and splatting the paint all over the paper. Fun, fun, fun!IMG_2439-3IMG_2438-1


  • Wear old clothes!!
  • Have a look at Jackson’s Pollock’s artworks on the Internet. Discuss with your kids the colours and how they think they have been created
  • Try layering colours
  • Try using different sorts of brushes – e.g. toothbrushes, house paintbrushes
  • Try doing this over a canvas


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