Best Spelling Apps for Kids

Spelling apps for kids

The world of Apps is big. Enormous. Endless. Kids love to learn and kids love apps. Parents love apps because it can give them a few quiet minutes in a busy, never-ending day. Here are some  of the Best Spelling Apps for Kids that will combine all of the above, learning, fun, and hours of “quiet time” for the grownups.

1. Squeebles – Spelling Test

($4.99 on iTunes and $4.49 on Android)

Spelling apps for kids

This app has a mini-game and reward system to set up for your child to progress through as they complete spelling tests. There are unlimited words for your kids to test themselves on while they try to rescue Squeebles from the spelling snake who has taken them prisoner. If they spell correctly they win time on the Squeeberang Game.

The Parent’s Zone allows the parent to set up and manage the tests. You can also personalise messages and rewards for your child when they score 100%. You or your child can personalise the tests to match the words your child is learning at school. This is a fun way to get your child confident before a school spelling test.

2. Spelling Test by

(FREE on iTunes and Android)

Spelling apps for kids

This is the Number 1 rated spelling test in the Android Appstore. You can create custom spelling tests and quizzes. Tests can be shared across different devices. This is an extremely flexible app, so you can design it to be suited to all ages. It does require a microphone so that you can record your own words – the kids will get a kick out recording their own tests for themselves or others.

3. Spelling Monster

($2.49 on iTunes and $2.13 on Android – Free ‘lite’ versions also available)

Spelling apps for kids

Spelling Monster contains fun, interactive spelling games for kids. Each game targets a different skill and is based around a different monster. You can also create your own spelling lists. The Spelling Monster app requires no internet connection, which means you can use it anywhere. Parents can easily see how often the app is being used, your child’s lists and how many times a list has been played.

4. Licking Letters

($1.29 on iTunes)

Spelling apps for kids

Licking Letters is designed for toddlers up to kindergarten (2-5 years). Kids get ‘Hoppy’ the frog to lick letters to spell words, and for every correct word earn Leapin’ Loot coins that they can then can use to buy clothes to dress up ‘Hoppy’.

5. VocabularySpellingCity

($34.95 on iTunes and Android)

Spelling apps for kids

VocabularySpellingCity has a range of games to keep your child engaged, using any word list. Kids can practice spelling tests, play hangman style games. Missing letters and alphabetising are just the beginning. Kids can then move on to unscramble words and sentences. This is one of the best spelling apps for kids because you can also create your own spelling lists by registering for free at For the app you need a paid premium membership which opens up 35+ activities including spelling, vocabulary, phonics, and writing to be played on desktop or mobile devices.

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