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If you have just found out your Brisbane Kid needs speech therapy then don’t worry. Lots of kids have early speech issues and the vast majority of them are easily overcome with some simple speech exercises. You might also meet with a kids’ speech therapist to find out that you are worried about nothing and that many of the speech problems that you thought were issues are age appropriate and likely will resolve. Some kids and babies also see speech therapists in Brisbane for feeding and swallowing issues. Seeing a speech therapist is fairly common. The point is, don’t worry. The other suggestion is to not listen to the anecdotal stories and unsolicited opinions and advice of friends and family unless they happen to come with an awesome Speech Therapist recommendation. Your first step if you are worried about your child’s speech is to see your local GP and ask your child’s teacher for their opinion.  These two people are professionals who are trained to identify early problems and refer you on to  speech therapist who is ultimately the only qualified person who can confirm an actual issue.

What is Speech Pathology

According to Speech Pathology Australia, “Speech pathology is a health profession that falls under the area of Human Communication Sciences. Speech pathology, previously called speech therapy, is the diagnosis, management and treatment of individuals who are unable to communicate effectively or who have difficulty with feeding and swallowing”

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Boost Therapy – Speech and Occupational Therapy

Boost Therapy is a mobile Brisbane speech therapist and OT for children. They travel to most areas in Brisbane and also service Logan. They are registered providers of the Helping Children with Autism package. http://boosttherapy.com.au



Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Brisbane

Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Brisbane (NMTSB) provides individual music therapy sessions for children with special needs (autism, cerebral palsy, development delay etc). Music is used as a tool to achieve developmental and non-musical goals in areas such as speech/communication, social/emotional skills, sensory, motor and cognition, according to each child’s specific needs. www.nmtsb.com


BEST Autism Therapy

BEST Autism Therapy – Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy

Autism and Early Intervention therapy services in your home with caring therapists who will show you how to integrate therapy into your busy day. We have the experience to help your child achieve positive results for communication, social skills, sensory processing, behaviour and learning. We understand how overwhelming making decisions about services and schools can be and will use our extensive knowledge of autism to help you navigate the maze of early intervention. www.bestautismtherapy.com.au

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Speechcare Speech Pathology

Speechcare offers a caring, fun and professional approach to speech therapy with your child. You will be directed to the speech pathologist who is best suited to your child’s communication or feeding needs. Speechcare are registered providers of the Helping Children with Autism and Betterstart for children with Disability packages. www.speechcare.com.au

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