Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point

Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point

Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point is a 75 place (5 room) service that caters for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. There is a large car park at the front of the centre and easy access into the building. Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point is open 6:30am- 6:30pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. The centre delivers a government approved Kindergarten program to their Kindergarten aged children and this program is implemented by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point

Innovative Education Programs

At Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point the main aim is to deliver innovative educational programs which focus on development through play as well as providing a balance between independent and educator led activities to stimulate the child’s love of learning.

The team at Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point love the environment in which they live and encourage the children to explore, understand and respect this through providing programs that reflect nature and the importance of sustainability.  At Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point, the team pride themselves on providing an environment which is loving and warm where children can feel safe, secure and supported during their time with them.

It is acknowledged that each child is unique and the team let all children learn and develop at their own pace. All of the educators are qualified and passionate about Early Childhood education and care, providing quality care in all areas of the National Quality Standards and achieving positive outcomes for all children.  The curriculum has a strong emphasis on play based learning and is based on The Early Years Learning Framework of Being, Belonging, Becoming.

Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point

Excellent Facilities

The Centre is well situated in Victoria Point in close proximity to the local schools as well as next door to the YMCA where the centre utilizes swimming lessons for the Kindy children and gymnastics for the Pre Kindy children (at an additional cost).  The centre offers specialized classes at the service like Ginger Sports (soccer) and Physi kids (selection of different activities each week to promote physical activity).  These extra activities are available to all families at an additional cost.

Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point also offers a unique sleep room for the Toddler children, which has wooden sleigh beds and mattresses. The centre has a large outdoor play space for children aged 2–5, a separate babies play area and a large shady play space for the Toddler children. In the Babies room the children have the opportunity to be bathed up to the age of 12 months. This can sometimes help with the night routine for families allowing them to spend some quality time with their little ones when time can be rushed after work.

Security cameras operate both indoors and outdoors monitoring both staff and children.  A qualified cook is on premises preparing fresh, nutritious meals daily.  The menu is a seasonal menu which caters to the children’s nutritional needs in relation to the healthy food pyramid.

Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point

Close relationships with families

The relationships the educators form with the children and their families is very important to them.  They love hearing about adventures that happen in the children’s home environment as well as milestones that are achieved.  Having these daily conversations is a great opportunity to bond with families and the children within the centre’s care.  The educators believe that by sharing their lives it strengthens the bonds they have with not only the children but families as well.

The educators welcome the contributions of each family in all areas of the childrens’ learning and the service. The educators like to work with the families as co-educators and greatly value their input. Sparrow Early Learning use a digital programming system “Storypark” which allows educators and families to record and communicate learning as it happens.  Storypark enables instant feedback and the ability for educators and families to plan new ways to extend children’s unique interests and abilities.

Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point is located at 118 Link Road, Victoria Point.

To find out more, including how to enrol your child at Sparrow Early Learning Victoria Point, visit

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