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For families who wish to see a theatre movie without blowing the weekly budget, the Southbank Cinemas is an excellent option. This movie theatre is located at 167 Grey Street, South Brisbane (corner of Ernest & Grey). This building used to be Brisbane’s only IMAX theatre, but was sold to the Cineplex chain in 2003. There are five cinemas showing recent release flicks, including the former IMAX theatre (which still uses the original 25 meter-cinemascope screen and stereo–great sound!).

south bank cinemas

The movies at South Bank are cheaper than you think

South Bank Cinemas offer some of the least expensive movie prices in Brisbane. Current prices (, include: $4.50 child (2-12 years), $8.50 adult -evenings after 6 pm and weekends; $6.50 weekdays before 6 pm and public holidays; 3D movies are $11/7 with $1 discount if you bring your own 3D glasses. That means you can have a family outing to the movies for as little as $23.30 compared to $82.80 at V-MAX (2 adults and 2 children).You can purchase your tickets online at (only a 40 cent surcharge), but ticket purchase does not include assigned seating, so you still need to arrive early to get the seats you want. 

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The amenities offered are family friendly and well priced. You will find the snack bar on street level, and it sells cinema staples at a much lower cost such as a small popcorn for $2, water for $2.50 or the ever popular choc top for $2.70. The cinema also has a variety of frozen and soft drinks (photo), a well-stocked self-serve lolly bar (photo), and the cheapest combo deal in the city ($7.90 for a small popcorn and drink). As well, there is a café (located upstairs at theatre level) that serves hot food like chips and hot dogs, as well as espresso coffee drinks. These menu items can be eaten in the café or taken into the movie theatre. For Brisbane kids who enjoy arcade games, there is a large video gaming room on the street level, to the right as you enter the building (photo). The cinemas are located only one block from the South Bank Parklands and Streets Beach, with many dining and activity choices for families to enjoy, either pre- or post- movie.

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How to get there

There are a number of transport options. The cinema is close to the South Bank and South Brisbane train stations, as well as the Southbank CityCat ferry and bus stops. Driving your own vehicle is also a good option because there is free and reduced-price parking available. Free parking (maximum four hours) is located directly under the cinema and available only if you watch a film in its entirety (keep an eye on your watch because if you exceed the 4 hour limit, it will cost you at least $35.00). Cheaper parking is available at a nearby Secure Parking lot ($5 for 4 hours on weekdays, $3 flat rate evenings, weekends and holidays). This parking lot is located opposite the Convention Centre, with entrances on both Cordelia and Merivale Streets (see a map of exact location at

Before you go, here are some final tips. First, you can only pay with PayWave, PayPass, or cash (no EFTPOS facilities). Movie tickets do not include reserved seating, so plan to arrive early enough to get the seats you prefer. Since the ticket prices are some of the cheapest in Brisbane, many shows do sell out. Arrive early to avoid disappointment! If you are watching a movie on the IMAX screen, the rows are very long. You may want to choose an aisle seat, especially if you are with your Brisbane kids, who will likely need to use the toilet mid-movie. Finally, in partnership with school districts and the Queensland Police, movie tickets are unavailable to school students during school hours (excluding public and school holidays) without a parent or school consent.

Check out the South Bank Cinemas Facebook page to hear about any specials/promotions, and treat your Brisbane Kids to an affordable and fun movie experience soon. For movies all across Brisbane, you should check out our Brisbane Movies with Kids information. 

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