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soccer classes for kids in brisbane

Soccer classes are a great place to start if you have kids that are super active and you are looking for an activity with a little more structure than just play time.

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Brisbane has plenty of awesome kids soccer classes to choose from both indoors and outside depending on your preference. Some soccer lessons start from as young as 18 months which allows you to jump right in at the point where your Brisbane Kid is beginning to gain their coordination.

What you can expect as a parent from kids soccer classes

Soccer lessons, especially for younger kids are generally not about playing an actual game of soccer. Rather, coaches will be taking the time to introduce kids to teamwork and taking turns, using the ball at a very basic level and understanding how to dribble a ball across the field.

As children get older soccer lessons will start to be about team against team, goals and defence, winning and losing. Often children evolve from kids soccer lessons into more formal club based soccer.

Soccer or Football?

In most parts of the world, soccer is known as football especially at a professional level. You will also find that many children’s soccer coaches and club owners have European backgrounds (mainly because it has always been a leading sport in Europe), where its popularity is still maturing here. That said, most classes for kids are still referred to as soccer and considering Australians have a lot of different types of football, it is probably a good thing. The confusion steps up when your child progresses further in soccer because the main body that represents Soccer is called Football Queensland.

What your child will learn from soccer lessons

  • Team building skills. How to encourage and motivate while also using team support to deal with disappointment.
  • Balance. Your child will have to learn how to balance on one foot and then kick a soccer ball with another.
  • Discipline. Whether it is patience in waiting for their turn to kick a ball or feedback from impulsively picking up the ball with their hands, kids will learn discipline from soccer classes.
  • Healthy Competition. Soccer lessons for kids, while mainly teaching skills for the individual will slowly evolve into team against team games. Learning how to lose gracefully, win humbly,  realising that effort is equally important are all skills and qualities that will set them up well for life in general.
  • Exercise feels good. In a world where screen time and learning fill large parts of the day, getting your child into something like soccer lessons ensures they are filling their time with some high-intensity exercise. While the soccer game will conclude, the practice in the yard need not. Encourage kids in the group to come over for playdates, encourage an active childhood.
  • Ball and Soccer Skills. Whether you choose a play based soccer program or one more skill based, your child will still be learning valuable ball skills that will carry him into the future.

kids soccer lessons brisbane

How to Choose the Soccer Lesson for your child?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right soccer type for your child.

  1. What days can you commit to? This will be important because while you will likely find a soccer class to choose from every single day of the week, they likely won’t be from the same company.
  2. What age group will your child be playing in? Here is a handy guide to Soccer Age Groups in Australia
  3. Do you want a purely fun game or a more competitive launchpad? Some soccer lessons in Brisbane for Kids focus purely on a fun play-based approached while others are more skill based.
  4. Is a uniform important to you? Some soccer providers have uniforms and others do not.
  5. Would you prefer the soccer game to be played indoors or outside? Some soccer games are played outside in the fresh air, while some are played in halls meaning that wet weather is never an issue.
  6. Do you need them to accommodate special needs? If you do, this is one of the first questions you should ask, the experience of the coach, size of the classes.

What if you aren’t sure if your Brisbane Kid will like soccer classes?

When you phone the providers you should ask if they offer a free trial soccer lesson. We have found that most soccer groups tend to provide this option and it will ensure you aren’t committing to a whole term before you are sure that your child will enjoy it. You could also consider hosting a kids soccer party and testing the waters that way.

What else can you do at home to teach your child soccer skills?

If you want to start teaching your child ball skills at home, the first thing to do is buy a ball. Then it is a matter of getting out there, kicking the ball to each other. Buy a ball for each of you and practising dribbling the ball and kicking simultaneously together. Increase the difficulty by using cans of food as markers to be dribbled about. The options are endless and simply googling, “How to teach your child soccer”, will give you lots of ideas.

What about cool soccer tricks for kids?

Cool soccer tricks are definitely something your Brisbane Kid is likely to ask you not long after learning the basic skills of soccer. If you want to teach your child soccer tricks then check out this cool youtube video from English Football Legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

The main things to remember is that soccer lessons as with all sport should remain fun for kids. Sport is wonderful way for kids to meet other like-minded kids and to help them develop a healthy, balanced outlook in life. If this article has you considering soccer classes as an option then head to classes on the Brisbane Kid menu bar to find some in your area.


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