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The Baby Sleep Company have released their much awaited Child Baby Sleep Project which is a collection of videos and ebooks empowering parents to get their child sleeping. The owner of The Baby Sleep Company, Katie Forsythe revealed the idea came about by her inability to service the huge volume of parents who needed help with their child’s sleep routines.  The Baby Sleep Company has spent the last 5 years growing a network of certified child sleep consultants that service parents across the country both in home and via skype. When it became clear that there were more parents seeking their sleep advice than the business could service, the Child Sleep Solution program was born. The program is practical and more like a how to guide than a theory textbook though there are supporting documents that explain the WHY about the techniques. The aim to is get babies and children sleeping better with a money back guarantee provided on sleep improvement.

The Baby Sleep Project Philosophy

The Baby Sleep Company’s philosophy is, “If it is not a problem for you, it is not a problem”. Katie believes that parents can co sleep and feed to sleep and wake throughout the night and if they are ok with that situation then it’s ok. If they decide they feel it is becoming a problem for their family then they can use the Child Sleep Solution Program to implement techniques that will get their little one sleeping. The key is that the parents need to see the sleep issue as a problem and want to change it.

The Program offers a couple of different techniques and does not employ or support the cry it out method. They provide support in helping parents to choose a method that suits them and also advice in the event they decide to change. In addition to the helpful program information, they also provide an email support offer for anyone who needs clarification on a sleep issue or technique, (this included in the program price).

Child Sleep Solution Program

The Online Baby Sleep Project


* Ideal room environment * Age appropriate wakeful periods * Nurturing emotional wellbeing through sleep guidance * Nutrition and child sleep * Underlying medical conditions * Ideal bedtime routine * Ideal naptime routine * Which method is right for our family * How to break the feed to sleep association * How to introduce a comfort toy * Tips for avoiding disturbing older siblings * Teaching your older baby to find their dummy * When should I introduce a pillow * Maintaining toddler sleep with a newborn * Sleep regressions * How to keep in a feed overnight * Travelling and sleep * Extra tips for multiples * And MORE!!

In addition to the core program videos and ebooks are another dozen plus videos and documents that offer advice on everything from dummy removal through to using a gro clock. When parents buy the membership they gain 12 months access to all the core files and sleep techniques as well as access to all the bonus material. Best of all, by following the program, they will also gain the gift of sleep. Find out more at the Baby Sleep Project website.


Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your sleep program. It’s thorough, easily implemented and has great results. Three nights in and she was sleeping 10 hours straight. Jamie G.

Hey Katie! Just wanted to say how amazing your online sleep guide has been! I finally have my 11 month old sleeping through! Tanielle M.

I just want to say a massive Thank You!!! Your sleep solution program is amazing!! Taryn L.


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