Sky Zone Kids Party Review

Trampoline park

Sky Zone is the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled, anti-gravity party destination for Brisbane kids. With more than 117 interconnected trampolines, an impressive Enduro Ninja Warrior Course, dodgeball arena, laser tag room and SkyClimb area, kids will be spoilt for choice on how best to spend their party time while visiting with guests.

From the moment they slip into their socks, to the time they are led back to their party room at the end, kids will jump, flip, climb, run and spin their way through one of the most exhilarating party experiences on offer.

Feet with Skyzone Socks on them

What happens at a Sky Zone kids’ party?

Depending on what party package you choose, kids can opt to jump, climb, play laser tag or tackle the Enduro Ninja Warrior Course. For our party, we chose the ‘Jump Up, Party Down’ package. We also added an hour of climbing at the end when there. This is what our package included:

  • 1 hour of jumping and enduro warrior course
  • 1 hour of SkyClimb
  • 40 minutes in a decorated party room
  • Pizza, Chips and Carrot Sticks (Chicken Tenders available on request instead of Pizza)
  • Jugs of Soft Drink, Juice and Water
  • Party supplies (plates, cups, napkins)
  • Sky Zone invitations
  • Sky Zone Socks
  • Dedicated party host
  • Complimentary gift for the birthday child

DURATION: 1 hour and 40 minutes 


On arrival, and once all of the party guests had arrived, we simply went to the party check-in counter at the entrance and gave them our details. We were then handed a wristband for each child to put on and were introduced to our party host who then very effectively took over the running of the day. The kids are shown a trolley that they can put their shoes, gifts and drink bottles on (that they can return to throughout the party if they need an extra drink) and given a pair of Sky Zone socks. For some reason, this was a source of great excitement for the group and they hadn’t even started the fun yet!

Trampolining, Dodgeball, Basketball and Enduro

In the Jump Up, Party Down party package, kids are given a huge range of activities to move between with their host. To start with, they are led to the main trampolining area. Here, each child is free to jump to their heart’s content alongside their friends, each on their own trampoline. The host is on hand to help them master any tumbling tricks they may want to try and to show them some fun ones they may want to have a go at too. 

After about 15 minutes and a quick trolley drink stop, the kids were given a chance at a few rounds of basketball hoop shooting with a difference. In two lanes that had trampoline bases, the kids were encouraged to jump and bounce their way up to the hoops and try their hand at a shot. As you can imagine with the bouncy base, there were many slam dunk attempts!

The Enduro Ninja Warrior Course was their next stop and this proved to be one of the most popular areas for our party guests. Three courses that they could move on and navigate at their own speed and choice were presented and the kids loved challenging themselves and encouraging their friends to complete each section. This was a great area for the group to bond and during their free time most of our group came back here.

Finally, the kids were introduced to the dodgeball arena; a room filled with enough individual trampolines for two teams to square off in a friendly competition. What kids don’t love jumping and flipping as they try desperately to avoid incoming balls while they take aim at their friends too?

Enduro Ninja Warrior Course

Party room

The party rooms are set up alongside the entrance and near the SkyClimb section of Sky Zone. This is the perfect spot, as if you are doing the climb in your party package this will usually be done last. It also makes it very easy for parents doing pick up at the end to find where everyone is.

The party rooms are a welcomed air-conditioned relief for the hot and exhausted guests and the perfect place for them to wind down after so much excitement. Kids will love the big long table which is set up on their arrival and the birthday child, in particular, will love the giant throne chair they can sit on at the head!


As soon as the kids enter the party room and sit down, the host is preparing and laying out their food. In the Party Up, Jump Down package, kids are given jugs of soft drink, juice and water and a selection of pizza and chips to eat.  Carrot sticks are also put out as a snack while waiting for the main food and parents also have the option to change the pizzas to chicken nuggets if desired. If you have brought in your own cake, the staff will look after this during the party and then happily present it for singing / blowing out candles and then cut up, plate and distribute to all the hungry guests.

Party room

What kids will love about a Sky Zone kids’ party

Sky Zone is the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled party for little ones and is perfect for those who are filled with excitement and looking for fun ways to get it out of their system.  

Kids will love the variety of activities that they can try their hand at, depending on which party package you book. The Jump Up, Party Down party package is focussed on Sky Zone’s main attraction, the trampolines, but still gives kids a range of areas to explore and games to play during their hour booking. Party hosts are on hand to help them master their tumbling tricks on the main trampoline section, as well as on the Enduro Course where they can seriously hone their Ninja Warrior skills.  

A huge hit for our kids was the dodge ball arena – a trampoline-based court that had them team up and take turns trying to strike their opponents down with the soft dodge ball.

Of course, you can also add in an hour of SkyClimb or Laser Tag to your party package too. Both options are super popular with the kids, although the hour of jumping, Enduro and dodgeball will definitely tire them out enough.

Skyclimb boy climbing

What parents will love about a Sky Zone kids’ party

A Sky Zone party may be perfect for kids of all ages, but from a parent’s perspective, you won’t find a more impressive or easier party to host either.

Booking a party is made super easy and can be done either online through Sky Zone’s online booking form or via a phone call. Once the booking is made, the party staff are exceptional at communicating with you in the lead up to the party, emailing and going over all of the finer details with you. I found the staff extremely accommodating and they were even happy to shuffle around the party booking times slightly when rsvp’s came back and some kids needed to leave a little earlier due to other engagements.

As far as the flow of the actual party, there is very little that as a parent you need to worry about aside from taking a lot of photos! On arrival, we went straight to the party check-in line once all of the kids had arrived and then pretty much sat back, coffee in hand, and watched the kids enjoy their day.

Parents will also love the Chillzone – an air-conditioned cafe at the heart of the centre that offers some relief from the heat and some cool or warm refreshments while you wait.

Throughout the party, as we visited multiple entertainment areas, the host checked back with me as a parent to let us know where we would be heading next and when. They also explained each section to the children in detail and kept them together as a group. During the ‘free play’ part of the party, the kids were allowed to venture back to the different trampoline sections, basketball hoops, dodgeball arena and Enduro course at their own will.

The Party Room was kept until the end of the party and was timed to perfection also. Kids were led off their final activity, given a cool drink and led into the air-conditioned party room. Here, kids were treated to a choice of juice or water, pizza and fries. Parents are welcome to bring along their own party bags and cakes (which we did) for the staff to organise, hand out and cut up without hassle. The 40 minutes in the party room is the perfect amount of time for the kids to wind down, fuel up, open presents and eat their cake before being picked up and going home.

Chillzone Cafe

Parking for Sky Zone Macgregor

Sky Zone Macgregor has ample parking right outside the venue for parents to park. This makes it easy to bring the kids and any extra party elements you may want to include straight to the door. 

To find out more about Sky Zone kids’ parties, please head to the Sky Zone website.

Brisbane Kids was invited to Sky Zone Macgregor for the purpose of reviewing their kids’ party packages. Costs were covered. Many thanks to Sky Zone for providing us with such a memorable birthday party for our daughter!

All of the opinions stated in this article are true, honest and genuine, with the sole aim of providing enough information for families to make an informed decision about booking a kids’ party at Sky Zone at Macgregor in Brisbane.

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