Sherwood Arboretum

With vast green plains, two great playgrounds, a duck pond, river jetty for fishing and a hill perfect for rolling down or running up (as the many personal trainers who use the park enjoy), the Sherwood Arboretum is an amazing place for your Brisbane Kids to have a day full of adventures.

Sherwood Arboretum Playground

Trees and gazebos scattered around the park and near the BBQs provide many options for families to pick a spot and stay for the day while the kids play in the different playgrounds at Sherwood Forest Park. The huge amount of shaded areas with accompanying river breezes also encourage families and groups to bring their own tables, chairs and portable gazebos and set up for a day. The 2 very different playgrounds provide lots of options for your Brisbane Kids to play, climb, swing and explore.

The wooden fort area is flat and accessible by bike and scooter so if often transformed into a clubhouse, police station or “home of the bad guys” in whatever game your child can imagine.

colourful playgroundclimbing net in sherwood forest park sherwood forest park

Imagination Factor

The seemingly endless space, huge trees and fantastic hill make the Sherwood Arboretum a great canvas for any game your Brisbane Kid wishes to indulge in. Children can spend hours playing hide and seek amongst the playgrounds and surrounding trees or enjoy a game of cricket or learn to ride their bikes without stabilisers on the flat, even green grassy areas.

The Sherwood Arboretum covers an area of 15 hectares and contains approximately 1100 trees, representing approximately 250 species and is part of the wider Brisbane Botanic Gardens collection. 

Sherwood Forest Park


There are wheelchair-accessible toilets and paths leading from the carpark to the playgrounds and BBQ and gazebo areas. The path continues down to the river walk and jetty. There is a small wheelchair accessible deck at the duck pond.

sherwood duck pond

Sherwood Forest Park features

  • Unfenced shaded playgrounds
  • Soft fall bark base
  • Swings
  • Slides
  • 2 climbing forts
  • Wooden fort
  • Rockers and dizzy sticks
  • Spider web tower
  • Monkey bars
  • Small flying fox
  • Bike/scooter path
  • Jetty for fishing
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilets
  • BBQs
  • Gazebos and tables
  • Duck Pond (don’t feed the ducks)
  • Carpark

If you are looking for a more challenging playground you should check out Ken Fletcher Park in Tennyson.

Sherwood Arboretum is located on Jolimont Street in Sherwood.

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