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One of the biggest joys of having children has been seeing them learn, develop and grow, and being there alongside to help them, teach them and share it all with them. As a result of losing my mum before I had my own kids, I think I am even more aware of how precious early memories are, for them, and for me.

While I have tried my best to live in the moment and do my best to keep time slow, I am well aware that they are quickly growing up. With my first child, every little milestone was a beautiful miracle, from the first time he could clap and blow lip-smacking kisses to the first wobbly steps he took. I remember it all, granted, like a blur. With my second child, it seemed like no sooner had I got him home from the hospital, was he chasing his older brother around the yard and climbing trees like a monkey! With my third, I am not quite sure how she got to 3 years old, nor can I remember the moment she first rode a scooter for the first time or collected the eggs from our chickens by herself. Right now I am still well aware of my 5 year old saying “I YOVE YOU” instead of “I LOVE YOU”. These are all the Magical Moments that make up childhood.

When I was asked to share the Disney Magical Moments vision, it made me realise just how precious those special moments are, and how little I have been doing to record them in a way in which I will remember them. It isn’t about the pictures necessarily, but the moments, the silly moments, moments that I find myself remembering of the past in my mind today.

A perfect example is a memory I caught in words but not on film and so quickly posted the words verbatim on social media. Imagine this was on video and while it can’t always be that easy, it can be easy with today’s technology to take more video of magical moments than we have in the past. 

Disney Moment

Tips for Recording Magical Family Moments

  • Mobile phones are the ideal devices for taking video. They are generally always carried, most people have them (so you don’t have to be the sole videographer), and most people can use them easily. All my tips involve the use of mobile phones because that is all I use for video.
  • Always use landscape orientation while taking video with your phone. That means, turn your phone on the horizontal.
  • Don’t zoom, if you need to move closer, move yourself closer with your phone.
  • Turn off your flash.
  • Invest some time in checking out video editing apps. So many free apps are available for this.
  • Don’t aim directly at a lightsource. If the light is directly behind your subject then shoot from the side.
  • Upload the video to an app like Instagram or Facebook so you can delete it from your phone and preserve space for more video.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 2.13.03 pm

When I look back at photos and video clips of my kids when they were younger, I can never quite get over how cute and adorable they were. Some of mine are long and others are small but video is the closest to memory we have to past magical moments. Of course it breaks a little part of your heart to think you’ll never get that back, but more than that it makes you truly appreciate what you have today, to make new memories together and to treasure all the moments you do have, from the silly, to the tender, all the moments that make life truly lived.

Now Disney Junior The Channel, (the place where magical storytelling is brought to life, available in all Foxtel homes on channel 709), is launching a campaign to help share and celebrate the magical moments your little ones experience in life.

Disney Junior Magical Moments Campaign 

disney logo


The Disney Junior Magical Moments campaign is calling for parents to capture and share the magical moments they have with their kids. They might be moments of bravery, achievement, cuteness, silliness, joy or just pure love. It could be the time your child scored their first AFL goal, or the time they first dressed themselves (in every item of clothing they own)!

Life is full of magical moments when you have a little one around!

  1. So just choose your favourite and share your video on the Disney Junior Australia & New Zealand Facebook page at
  2. And your magical moment could be chosen to be featured in a celebration video that will be shown on TV on Disney Junior The Channel and shared all over social media!!

How to Enter Your Magical Moments

To enter your magical moments, visit the Disney Junior Facebook page here: Then post your video to their wall and add #DJMagicalMoments to show you have referred and agreed to the terms and conditions which can be found here. [embed link: Then they will get in touch with you!

HURRY and send your entries because ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 10pm AEST ON SUNDAY 23rd AUGUST. 

For more information, visit



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