Serendipity Farm

Serendipity Farm, Upper Brookfield

Serendipity Farm has moved from Upper Brookfield to Gympie. They still do amazing work taking on abandoned, abused and neglected farm animals of all shapes and sizes. However, they are not yet back open to the public except by appointment. The review below is of the old location, a Facebook link to the new location sits at the bottom of this review. 

At first glance, Serendipity Farm looks like any other small farm, but take a closer look and you’ll see that this animal centre is actually a beautiful refuge for some pretty amazing animals that often haven’t had the best start in life.

Paddock, Serendipity Farm

The Farm

Serendipity Farm is located in a beautiful setting surrounded by the green hills and countryside of Upper Brookfield. Run by the Bosscher family, this family farm is a sanctuary for animals that have found themselves with nowhere else to go. Sick or injured livestock on commercial farms are usually put down to save on time and expense. There are the animals who have served their purpose and are no longer deemed useful. Then there are the animals that have ‘outgrown’ their families, often taken into homes as pets with the owners unaware of the sheer size that some of these creatures will grow to. With little hope for these animals except to be cast aside or even put down, the Bosscher family have opened up their home and their hearts to them, and they have even opened their gates to the public so that we might experience the blessing of meeting these beautiful animals too.

It’s hard work for the whole family, up at the crack of dawn for feeding and any special care needed before going off to work or school. Though the family feel that the satisfaction and unconditional love that they get from the animals is enough of a reason to keep going.

Donations appreciated in lieu of entry fees, which will guarantee that a trip to Serendipity Farm will be a huge hit with budget-conscious families!

Serendipity Farm, Upper Brookfield

The animals

Serendipity Farm is all about the amazing animals. There are chickens, ducks and geese, pigs, goats and sheep, alpacas, horses and even a camel! In the main enclosure, kids can get up close and personal with a range of farm animals, including plenty of goats, sheep and any other young farm animals. At the time of our visit, there was also a lovely cuddly calf.

Serendipity Farm, Upper Brookfield

There’s also a chicken coop, and if there are baby chicks, the kids can have a hold. There are also separate enclosures where kids can go to stroke the pigs, horses and other animals.

We met Lagertha, the beautiful two-year-old camel who had been hand-reared from birth and was extremely funny and affectionate.

Serendipity Farm, Upper Brookfield

There was the lovely miniature pony, Bella, suffering from a bad case of scoliosis.

Miniature horse, Serendipity Farm

There were pigs, many of which were the ‘miniature’ breed, and we could not get over their sheer size.

Serendipity Farm, Upper Brookfield

We also visited the beautiful horses, one of whom had been shot in the head after her racing career came to an end, and another that had been about to be put down due to bad arthritis before being saved by Serendipity Farm.

Serendipity Farm, Upper Brookfield

There was also a lovely open grassy field with alpacas roaming around, and  a pond with ducks and geese.

Serendipity Farm, Upper Brookfield

What to expect at Serendipity Farm

Serendipity Farm is a wonderful day out for the family. There is no admission fee, however, donations are very much appreciated to help with the ongoing costs of food, shelter and veterinary expenses for the animals. Additionally, you can make donations of food for the animals, such as a bag of carrots or apples, or a bail of hay.

At Serendipity Farm, there is plenty of off-street grassed parking space. There is also a basic kids’ play area.

There is a toilet available. There are also some shaded tables and chairs where you can enjoy a picnic, as well as a barbecue available if you would like to use it.

Picnic area and parking

Don’t come expecting a visitor’s centre, a cafe and animal presentations. This is a family farm, not a huge wildlife centre. However, the wonderful owners are always on hand to chat to you about their beloved furry family and their amazing stories.

Things to remember when you come:

  • Wear sunscreen and hats as there is little shade on the farm, and bring water bottles
  • Wear gumboots – where there are animals, there is inevitably animal droppings aplenty!
  • You can enjoy unlimited access to the lovely animals
  • If you enter the main enclosure with the animals, they will likely come up to investigate you (and whether you have food!). If little ones are unsure around animals, they may find this intimidating.
  • If you take any food into the enclosures with animals, they will be very eager to meet you. This is probably not advisable with little kids. Plus you don’t need food to get up close to the animals, they will love your pats and attention regardless.

Serendipity Farm is a wonderful, noble cause, and we hope that if you visit, it makes you almost as happy as it makes its very lucky residents!

The new Gympie location (open by appointment only) is


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  1. Sheree Wilson says:


    my daughters 2nd birthday is coming up, just wondering exactly where you guys are located,,

  2. Jenni says:

    After driving a 4-5 hour return trip to this farm with my 3 children in tow, I realized this farm in no longer running at the old address and has in fact moved to upper Brookfield 🙁

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