Sensory Christmas Activity for Kids

christmas sensory activity

Christmas Sensory Box

Sensory boxes are a fantastic way to engage a child’s senses and activate their imagination.   This Christmas themed sensory box is a quick and fun activity to keep children entertained and using their senses.

How to prepare your activity

Lay a large quantity of rice in a tray or bowl.

Mix through a few drops of green or red food colouring.

Add essential oils for smell.  We used peppermint.

Allow this to dry and then place into a box large enough for children to create a play scene in.

Next collect some Christmas items; baubles, bead strings, small tree ornaments, bells, Christmas pictures, reindeer or Santa figurines, baby Jesus nativity statues – the possibilities are endless.   We simply raided our Christmas box.   Place all the items into the box or leave out and let your child create their own scene, picture or space.   We also found one of our singing Christmas toys to add the sense of hearing.  Whilst the children played with their sensory box, they listened to the Christmas carol the toy played.   We had used our sense of touch, smell, sight and sound. 

sensory bin

Authentic play

This is an engaging activity that kept all 3 of our children busy.   They range from 3 years to 7 and each played differently with the box.   Our 7 year old enjoyed the texture of the rice and tried to use it like sand to cover over all the toys.   Our 5 year old played an imaginary game using a reindeer that moved around the box visiting all the other toys and pictures.   And our 3 year old enjoyed pushing the toys through the rice and listening to the singing toy.

sensory christmas fun for kids

This was a great activity that had each child using their senses, their imagination and fine motor skills.

If sensory activities are something that interest you then you should check out Baby Sensory at Morningside who focus on early sensory development. Alternatively if you want to check out some other cool activities then head to our craft ideas for kids. 

christmas sensory activity

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