Secret Agent Society Computer Game Pack

Computer game for kids with Aspergers

A new computer game is making therapy fun for kids with Asperger’s Syndrome!

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) computer game captivates kids with its spy-themed games, interactive adventures and crazy gadgets. The game is part of Dr Renae Beaumont’s acclaimed SAS program, which is the world’s most successful social and emotional skills program for children with Asperger’s aged between 8 and 12. A University of Queensland trial found 76 per cent of children with Asperger’s Syndrome who did SAS improved their social skills to within the range of typically developing kids.

This remarkable result is behind the increasing international profile of SAS, with practitioners now trained to deliver the program in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South America, Middle East, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia. The SAS Computer Game Pack can be purchased separately from the SAS program and is a useful tool for professionals and parents to support their child’s social and emotional development. The game has been created for kids who just want to be kids – and it shows. Computer Game Pack 1 Electronic scene generators, interactive quizzes and animated virtual reality missions are just some of the fun features which make the game so entertaining for primary school-aged children. The game is also popular with parents of typically developing children who struggle with poor social and emotional skills. Its step-by-step teaching style and child-friendly resources and activities help create a stress-free environment in which children can learn and practise their new skills. Using the code cards provided, kids learn the basics of how to start a conversation, make and keep friends and understand the difference between bullying and friendly joking.  They also start learning how to understand and regulate their own emotions, and better understand the emotions of others. Mastering skills like these can make the difference between your child having a good day at school, and a really bad day. The SAS Computer Game Pack comes with lots of resources to help children apply the skills they learn in therapy sessions to everyday life. This includes 14  skill code cards, 26 relaxation gadget code cards, two ‘emotionometers’ to help kids recognise and manage anxiety and anger, heaps of cool stickers and a code card holder.  There is also a seven-page guide for parents and professionals with tips on how to help your child get the most out of the resources. To view the computer game trailer go to For more information, please email Kathleen Davey at [email protected] or visit SAS_STMOSE-logo



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