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Please note: Science Fiction, Science Future is no longer showing in Brisbane. 

The Sciencentre at the Queensland Museum South Bank is currently running an incredible exhibition. Titled ‘Science Fiction, Science Future’, the displays include a mind-bending array of futuristic ideas that have been implemented with the use of current technology for visitors young and not-so-young to experience first-hand.

The future, today

Upon entering the Science Fiction, Science Future exhibition, visitors are offered a cardboard wristband that features a QR code on the face. This represents a future where we may all have microchips that contain information specific to us. There are several scanning points within the exhibition where, when you flash your QR code, you will find out about your future genetics, future medicine and your future occupation.

Sciencentre Brisbane

Experience science fiction for real

A lot of the awesome displays at Science Fiction, Science Future feature ideas that once seemed far-fetched and unfeasible. With the assistance of modern technology, these concepts are made possible (or, at least, they appear to be!). Brisbane Kids will love the Teleportation station, where they will disappear from the TV screen before your very eyes. At lot of fun is also to be had at the Mind Control activity, where participants try to move a ball using only their minds. My 3 year old had a great time controlling the facial expressions of the robot in the ‘Is that robot copying me?’ display, whilst my 7 year old was fascinated by her body parts being replaced by robot limbs in the Body Scanner.

Sciencentre Brisbane

Who does this exhibition appeal to?

With the futuristic and interactive nature of the displays, this exhibition will wow visitors of all ages. In saying this, and whilst the Sciencentre as a whole is family friendly, families of children of school age or above will get the most out of this exhibition. We found that many of the concepts of the exhibition were a bit too advanced for a three year old, even though she was able to participate in and still enjoy most aspects. There are many solid cubes scattered throughout the exhibition to sit, kneel or stand upon, which made all of the exhibits accessible to toddlers.

Sciencentre Brisbane

Special needs considerations

All aspects of the Sciencentre are accessible by wheelchair or pram, with lifts giving access from the carparks to the Queensland Museum, then another set of lifts taking you down to the Sciencentre. Wheelchair accessible toilets are located within the Sciencentre, as well as within the Queensland Museum. Space for wheelchairs and prams is set aside at all of the public programs, including lectures, workshops, shows and activities.

The Sciencentre entrance is situated on the 1st floor of the Queensland Museum building at South Bank. Tickets must be purchased from the main Queensland Museum ticket office on the 2nd floor.

Science Fiction, Science Future is open daily from 9:30am to 5pm at the Sciencentre until 13th July 2014. Regular Sciencentre admission prices apply (prices current as at 31 July 2013) –

  • Adult: $14.50
  • Concession/Full-time Student: $12.50
  • Child (3-15) (must be accompanied by an adult 18+): $11.50
  • Family (2 Adults/Concessions & up to 4 Children): $44.50

Please visit for more information.

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  1. TraceyLee Walker says:

    Always enjoy visiting , as my son grows older he is becoming more interested , so it’s a wonderful experience to nurture his interests.

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