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If your child excels in a certain sport and you want to help them achieve the highest possible level in that field, you may be considering applying for a sports scholarship to a top Brisbane school. This could allow them to pursue their sporting goals at the same time as continuing their education at a prestigious academic institution. There are many scholarship options available in Brisbane for excellence in sports, often paying part to full tuition fees for successful applicants.

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Scholarship Information for Brisbane Schools

If you are seriously considering trying to get a scholarship for your child, there are lots of things you need to know, including what scholarships are available at Brisbane schools, the eligibility criteria and testing process, and how to apply for a scholarship. To find out about all of these areas and further information, check out this Scholarship Information for Brisbane Schools.


Private School Search

Many Brisbane private schools offer a range of scholarships, and may have dedicated sports scholarships. One of the best ways to find out is to search for schools in the area you are looking at using the Private Schools Directory here. Then visit the school website to find out about their scholarship options.


Brisbane Schools with Sporting Scholarships

There are many schools that offer scholarships based on students having all-round excellent academic achievement as well as high achievements in sport. The following schools, however, have a dedicated scholarship for sports.

This list covers major Brisbane schools and current scholarships. Other sports scholarships may also be available at other institutions, so it is worth checking with your school of choice to find out about their own scholarship options and application process.

Brisbane Boys’ College

Decus Scholarship (Sports Excellence) — This scholarship is for excellence in sports. It is available for boys going into Year 10 or 11 and gives a partial concession for tuition fees.

You can read all about the Decus Scholarship here.

Moreton Bay College

Excellence Scholarship — There is a scholarship available for girls who excel in sports. The scholarship gives a percentage deduction from the tuition fees.

Further details of this scholarship can be found here.

Sheldon College

Sports Scholarship — This sports scholarship is available to Students in Years 6 to 11.

For more information, click here.

St Joseph’s Nudgee College

Activities Scholarship — This scholarship is for students with outstanding talent in a GPS sport, including basketball, cricket, cross country, football, rowing, rugby union, swimming, tennis, track and field, and volleyball.

You can read more about this scholarship here.

St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School

Sports Performance Scholarship — For this scholarship, students must have achieved state or national level in their chosen sport.

Visit the school website to find out more.

The University of Queensland

Clem Jones Sporting Scholarship — This is a scholarship for students who can perform at a sufficiently high level in their field.

You can read more about this scholarship here.

For more information on scholarships in Brisbane schools, visit Scholarship Information for Brisbane Schools.

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