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So you have decided you want to go camping on the school holidays in Brisbane or maybe you want to take a bit of a roadtrip. If it is your first time camping or even your first time camping with kids around Brisbane then consider this the first chapter in the ultimate guide to camping with kids.

So..What makes camping different on the school holidays?


Book your school holiday camping spot early

If you go camping up at somewhere like Double Island Point then its all about how quickly you can drive up the beach (safely) and find your ultimate beach camping spot. Sometimes you will get lucky and other times you will just have to settle for a camping spot which is a bit more exposed that you would like. Don’t let that deter you. The first rule of camping is EVERYTHING IS AN ADVENTURE.

If you are booking a camping spot around Brisbane that allows you to pre-book an actual specific camping spot, then “early” becomes more about months rather than hours or days. Book early and you will be able to choose from a variety of spots. Seasoned campers often book upon leaving when their holidays are an annual event so it gives you an idea about the popularity of camping in South East Queensland. Generally the most popular spots are those with more amenities so the more you are willing to go without, the more likely you are to nab an awesome camping spot.

camping brisbane

What is a great Camping spot near Brisbane

We have a list of family friendly Brisbane Camping spots near Brisbane but generally it will be up to you to first decide if you are after beach or mountain, rivers or lakes, snakes or crocodiles (OK TOTALLY kidding on the crocodiles though they have been sighted as far south as Fraser Island (if you believe the pamphlets)). Once you decide on the general theme you are looking for, then decide what amenities you are willing to do without. Generally the main things for people to consider missing out on are electricity, water and toilet facilities. Often seasoned campers will have gadgets that provide all of these and other Brisbane campers are simply happy to do without.

IF YOU AREN’T happy to do without them, then you are in the majority of families that really need to look at family friendly spots early and thoroughly. Anything aimed at tourists is generally the most likely South East Queensland Camping destination that is likely to be equipped with facilities you are wanting. The great thing about Tourism Queensland and National Parks and Wildlife, is that there is loads of information for you to access before you leave with all the information you could want. You will find links at the bottom of this article to assist you. If you have little kids and facilities are a priority to you, then when you book a spot ask to be close to the toilets within 100 metres but not so close you can smell them. If everything we have just talked about is already making you nervous then consider glamping to start with. Just Google it!

Campfires in Brisbane

Many National Parks do not allow open fires and this policy will differ depending on the time of year and the conditions. Always check before leaving and look for indications of this situation changing. You can use BBQ’s like mini webers that use gas or a simple gas stove which will provide you with everything you need to boil water and cook you a meal.

Sandy Creek

Sandy Creek Camp Ground

Other considerations for your Brisbane Camping Trip

  • A Tent. When you choose a tent make sure you ask questions like how waterproof it is and how easy it is to put up. Make sure you put it up at home first to make sure you can do it. Also remember to put it back up again when you return home to air it out. You will thank us when you go camping next time.
  • Lighting. It’s important to consider investing in some quality lighting such as LED’s that can be recharged using your car battery or perhaps some gas lighting. Make sure each child has their own torch (which you can often pick up cheaply at camping stores). A great investment are lights that can be fixed around the heads of everyone, like cave explorer lights and some glow sticks in the event that torches stop working.
  • Pack a first aid kit.
  • Pack extra water.
  • Wait for boxing day sales at places like Anaconda and BCF to pick up camping gear like sleeping bags at reduced pricing. It is worth waiting for these sales as you will buy gear that is the same cost as at a department store but will insulate better and pack down tighter.
  • Consider what you will be sleeping on. Today there are plenty of camping mattresses, yoga mats and blow up paraphernalia. Be as fancy as your back and car space allow.
  • Meal Plan. It will save you money, wastage and time. Here is a great guide to camping food preparation for families
  • Freeze poppers for kids before you leave and they will help to keep your food cold. Consider investing in a car fridge- they will be used for years to come, worth the investment and you can get great deals at sale time.
  • Check out these Camping Guide. You can see the way a real parent packs for camping.
  • Check out some fun camping hacks because camping should be fun!

Inskip camping

Inskip Camping Rainbow Beach

Websites for further Brisbane Camping Information

Obviously one summary article is not all the information you will need to go camping in Brisbane with complete peace of mind. OR maybe it is. If it is not then check out these websites.

Information about permits for different places around South East Queensland

Information on where to camp around Queensland

Where you can go 4wding

Reviews of Camping Spots in Queensland

End advice for Brisbane Family Camping

Start small. A night on Bribie Island is a great start and then work up to your six week adventure. YIKES I hear some of you say! The truth is, camping is what you make of it. Keep it simple and see how you go. School Holiday Camping around Brisbane is a great way to get the kids away from screens, outdoors and families enjoying the company of each other. Pack some books, pack some imagination and pack some adventure.

Please do feel free to share any of your Brisbane Camping Reviews or experiences of school holiday camping in Brisbane below in comments.




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