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There is no question that the world in which our little ones are growing up today is one that is vastly different to the one in which their grandparents and great-grandparents inhabited.  More so than just the usual advances that occur, it feels like in the last 10-20 years in particular things have not just stepped forward but literally leapt and bound into a new tech-savvy and communicative era.  Technological advances and infrastructure changes mean our Brisbane Kids have much easier and quicker access to things than the generations before them and these changes all impact the way in which they play and live their day-to-day lives today.  Indeed, it is a far cry from the life their grandparents may have lived as children which involved no internet and instead may have seen them bathing in the Brisbane River, playing on the streets and riding on horse-drawn trams.

For so many reasons, not least to gain an understanding and appreciation for how their lives differ from the experiences and landscape their grandparents lived through, it is important to share the history and stories from Brisbane’s past with our children.

Brisbane Now and Then

The Museum of Brisbane currently has a fantastic school excursion package titled ‘Brisbane Now and Then’ that is a creative and exploratory way to help our Brisbane kids gain an understanding of just how our city, and the way its residents’ lives, has changed over the years.  There is no shortage of research indicating the benefits of museum visits for children, and this one – designed specifically for students from Foundation to Year 6 – is no different.

Museum of Brisbane, Copper Dome, Credit Atmosphere Photography

Pack your bags and travel back in time

The museum’s latest tour will introduce primary aged school children to Brisbane as it was many years ago.  The excursion will incorporate three main, hands-on learning experiences which are designed to keep the student’s imagination and attention peaked throughout.  These include:

A Brisbane City Hall Tour

Students will be taking on a tour of City Hall and, in doing so, will delve into its varied and unique history.  Focusing on one of our city’s most recognisable landmarks, students will learn about the City Hall’s many uses over the years and about specific features within the building, which reference historic architecture from around the world.

Clock Tower Tours

In this tour students will get the opportunity to ride on one of Australia’s oldest manually driven cage lifts to the top of what was once our tallest building in Brisbane.  Ascending 76 metres to City Hall’s viewing platform, they will have a chance to compare the views they see today to what they would have seen in the 1950s with the aid of a compass.

Object Handling Workshop

With advances in technology moving as fast as they have in recent years, so many items we used in the past are now obsolete and would therefore be completely foreign to our younger generation.  In this workshop, students are invited to interact with objects and documents that contextualise life in Brisbane in the 1800s and 1900s.  They will be invited to hold, discuss and make conclusions about certain objects whilst being encouraged to determine who may have used them and for what means.  Students will also be able to see how many of the objects have changed over time and will no doubt gain an understanding of just how technology and they way we use daily has changed significantly over time.

Museum of Brisbane, Dome Lounge Lights, Credit Atmosphere Photography

Connecting Students with their History

There is no shortage of research indicating the benefits of museum visits for children, and this excursion and accompanied activities will give them a great insight into the history and evolution of the town they live in.  It has also been specifically designed to meaningfully connect with the Australian National Curriculum and a number of links within History, Math and Science are covered from Foundation to Year 6.

To further enhance the learning experience, the Museum of Brisbane has also created an array of complimentary worksheets and activity outlines for both pre and post museum visits.  Prices include a 16 page colour activity booklet for each student to work through during their visit, and extra activities to complete either at home or in class to further consolidate learning.

Teachers can find more detailed information on these activities as well as its relevance to the different school years’ curriculum, tour costs and times in this Brisbane Now and Then Teacher Resource.  The Museum of Brisbane website also has information and more detail on the individual tours included in this excursion.

The Museum of Brisbane is located on level 3, City Hall, Brisbane City, and is open 10am to 5pm daily. Education experiences range in cost from $5.50 – $16.50 per student, inclusive of GST and depending on your preferences. Adults/teachers/carers are free.

Please contact the museum directly via email at [email protected], or fill in the online form at to learn more about school excursions to the Museum of Brisbane.

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  1. Ursula Hunt says:

    Hi. I am a year 2 teacher and would like to bring students in T4 to the Brisbane Now & Then excursion. I was wanting to do a pre-visit with my own children & nieces this Friday & would like to book times & find out the cost. Is there a direct no I can please call?
    Thank you. Regards Ursula

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