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ABC radio (612AM) announced this morning that there is a major weather event this afternoon in Brisbane. FLASH FLOODING EXPECTED. All schools have been closed. They have urged employers to tell people to stay home. Stay off the roads and be safe!

  • Keep a radio on to stay up to date too.
  • Stay off the roads.
  • Prepare your homes as best you can and talk to your kids about staying away from flood waters Talking to kids about storm safety and getting prepared for storm season

School Closures in Brisbane

Shool closures are unprecedented but is an indication of how serious this situation is going to get. All schools have unique ways of communicating so if your children are already at school, please use that method of communication. Your children will be cared for and no child will be left alone at school at the end of the day. REPEAT: If your children are already at school, they will be cared for but you should be taking steps if possible to collect them early.

7.40am: BREAKING: All schools from Agnes Water to the NSW border and out west to Nanango will be closed today due to wild weather. If you have already dropped your kids off they will be cared for but offices are being advised to close early so parents can collect their kids. The weather is going to get a lot worse- Don’t be fooled by this morning- this is going to get a lot worse!!!!

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