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From fish and sea birds to rays and whales, our bays are teeming with amazing marine life. Where else can you witness baby turtles as they hatch from their nests and paddle down to the ocean, see a pod of dolphins surfing waves off the headland, and experience the joy of a humpback whale breeching majestically out of the surf? We are so lucky to have all of this right on our doorstep. Yet these beautiful creatures, their habitats and the ecosystems they are part of are all under threat from pollution and climate change.

Sometimes these issues can seem too big to overcome, but surprisingly it’s the littlest members of our community that are tackling them head-on and proving that every single person can make a difference. These are our wildlife warriors, our saviours of the sea and our ocean defenders. They’re feisty and passionate and they’re driving real change to protect our waterways, ecosystems and local marine life and wildlife. They’re the Tangalooma EcoMarines and they’re awesome!

Humpback whale

What is Tangalooma EcoMarines?

Tangalooma EcoMarines (TEM) is a Brisbane-based not-for-profit organisation that was launched in 2013 in partnership with Tangalooma Island Resort, Queensland Urban Utilities, EDSCO and Healthy Waterways. It is Brisbane’s most innovative and effective education and conservation movement to save the marine life of Moreton Bay.

The TEM mission is:

To educate school students on the common human practices that endanger the marine and wild life of Moreton Bay and to help students and their communities fight pollution in their local area and save local waterways.

What does Tangalooma EcoMarines do?

Tangalooma EcoMarines takes local action to clean up the waterways of Brisbane and to protect and preserve marine life through a wide range of activities, fighting pollution on every front from litter and stormwater run-off and sedimentation.

As a registered charity, the Foundation works with schools and sporting clubs, the business sector and community organisations to make significant improvements to the water quality of our local waterways. TEM offers a free program for South East Queensland primary schools and the wider community that focuses on education and action regarding local environmental issues that affect the marine habitats and wildlife of Moreton Bay, as well as the rivers and estuaries that feed into the bay.

According to Sammie O’Brien, Advocate Patron of TEM, “Through the program, communities are empowered to take direct action in addressing climate change and preserving the precious ecosystems of both marine and wild life.”

Tangalooma EcoMarines

How can we get involved with TEM?

If you want to change our world for the better, you can get involved with Tangalooma EcoMarines in many ways, from signing a petition, making a pledge or donating to signing up to join the EcoMarines. You can find out more about how to get involved at

Tangalooma EcoMarines

How can schools get involved?

The TEM Primary School Program is an awesome, free initiative that can get your kids involved in marine conservation in a practical and meaningful way that is linked to the school curriculum.

Joining the TEM Primary School Program allows kids the chance to actively work to save the environment and allows them to experience the satisfaction of knowing they are personally making a real difference. It also offers children the opportunity to engage with the school and local community and to take on leadership roles as ambassadors.

How it works

It is really easy for schools to get involved in the TEM Primary School Program, and all the resources and support are provided. It’s just a case of following these simple steps:

  1. The school registers to be part of the TEM program.
  2. The school appoints a support crew teacher.
  3. The teacher is given access to a teachers’ kit.
  4. The teacher appoints 4 TEM student ambassadors.
  5. The ambassadors are given access to the TEM ambassador kit, which is full of environmental challenges. The challenge kit is linked to the curriculum and is full of resources to support the ambassadors with their challenges.

You can register your school here.

You can also watch this informative video to find out more about the TEM Primary School Program.

Our children are the building blocks of the future and if we educate them about conservation, empower them to make a difference and allow them to unleash their inner wildlife warriors, we WILL see them change the world!

Find out more about Tangalooma EcoMarines at

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