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Samford Valley Steiner School is a pre-prep to Year 12, coeducational independent school located on 20 acres of lush bushland in Samford Valley. The School was established in 1987 and uses curriculum based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.

The basis of Steiner education is the philosophy that child development has three key aspects; thinking, feeling and willing. By applying a holistic educational approach the Samford Valley Steiner School aims to address children’s needs intellectually, emotionally and developmentally as they grow into adulthood. Primary school aged students establish a solid foundation for lifelong learning through physical and creative activities with the curriculum utilising arts based, experiential, and kinaesthetic learning styles. As high school students evolve from childhood to adulthood the curriculum supports the transition to critical thinking and nurtures the development of self-direction and independent judgement.

Samford Valley Steiner School Philosophy and Values

“Samford Valley Steiner School values excellence in education based on honesty, tolerance, reverence and responsibility, encouraging efficiency and effectiveness and ownership of our actions. We can be proud of the school, which is well run, fully resourced, and nurtures a community characterised by a healthy environment and a caring positive atmosphere. Openness, patience, punctuality, flexibility and cooperation are welcomed as developing trust. The spiritual nature of each individual is supported in such an environment. In all we seek a balance between serious work and light-hearted fun.

As in all schools identifying with Steiner’s philosophy, Samford Valley Steiner School aims to provide an education which:

  • Fosters the holistic development of the child – our school seeks to bring an integrated approach to knowledge where science, art, religion and human values interact to enhance each other.
  • Enables each child to progressively realise their individual potential – our teachers stimulate our student’s self-activity and love of learning, assisting them to develop their natural talents and transform their challenges. Students are enabled to eventually take responsibility for their own learning processes and ongoing life development.
  • Helps each child to develop the qualities, competencies and skills they need to contribute to society’s renewal – to this end our teachers ensure that our students are taught a broad range of subjects and skills which will assist them to make a creative and responsible contribution to whatever sphere of life interests them.” (Source: Samford Valley Steiner School)

Facilities at Samford Valley Steiner School

The beautiful bushland landscape at Samford Valley Steiner School provides the perfect setting for the School’s holistic educational approach. Classrooms are located in buildings grouped by education level: preschool, lower primary, upper primary and high school. Specialised facilities include an arts centre, science lab and workshop. There’s also an outdoor classroom, library, hall, ensemble room, community centre, sporting and recreation facilities as well as a craft shop and bookshop that includes a parent library.

Samford Valley Steiner Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) is a licenced program operated on the school grounds. The program provides professional care and recreational activities for kindergarten and primary school aged children.

The School runs a music program including ensemble groups that occasionally perform publicly.

Special Needs

Steiner schools believe a “child’s weaknesses in one area, whether cognitive, emotional or physical, will usually be balanced by strengths in another area.” (Source: Samford Valley Steiner School) Teachers will monitor students and if they are having difficulty with the material extra help will be given. Conversely, students who picks up the material quickly might be given harder problems or asked to assist a student who is having trouble.

Samford Valley Steiner School Extra Curricula Activities

A student exchange program is offered from class 10 and aims to encourage a community of young people who have cultural links to other cultures all over the world. Learning a foreign language is compulsory at Steiner Schools and the exchange program offers students an opportunity for full emersion in another culture and language.

Enrolment at Samford Valley Steiner School

To enroll at Samford Valley Steiner an Enrolment Application Form needs to be submitted along with the application fee. There are currently waitlists for some year levels, though not for others (please contact the school directly for more information). For Primary School and High School enrolment, two interviews will be conducted when there is a place available. The first interview is held with two staff members including the Class Teacher or Class Guardian. The second interview is conducted to discuss any special arrangements for the child. For Early Childhood enrolments there will be one interview. If an enrolment offer is made then the Enrolment Acceptance form is to be completed and returned along with the appropriate fee. An open day is held on a Saturday each term for prospective families to tour the school, with another two school tours run each term on a Thursday morning (again, please contact the school for more information).

Samford Valley Steiner School at a Glance

  • Address: Narrawa Drive, Wights Mountain, 4520
  • Phone: 07 3430 9600
  • Enrolment capacity: currently 338 students enrolled, with room to grow
  • Pre-prep to Year 12
  • Co-educational
  • Open day: One Saturday each term, contact school dates
  • Festivals and performances
  • Class Guardian
  • Student Representative Council
  • Camps
  • Work experience
  • Student Exchange
  • Primary School Subjects:
    • History
    • English
    • Social studies
    • Mathematics
    • Music
    • Geography
    • Science and technology
    • Craft
    • German
    • Eurythmy
    • Physical Education
  • High School Subjects:
    • Arithmetic and Mathematics
    • Science: chemistry, biology, physics
    • Technology
    • History
    • Geography
    • English
    • Gardening
    • Hard craft
    • Soft craft
    • Outdoor education
    • Sport and physical education
    • Eurythmy
    • Drama
    • Art
    • Music
    • Ensemble and Percussion: String ensemble, percussion and choir groups
    • German
    • First Aid
    • Gardening

Why Choose Samford Valley Steiner School

Samford Valley Steiner School’s unique approach to education is appealing to families looking for an alternative to traditional schools. The small size of the school creates a strong school community where all families actively contribute to working bees, school fairs, reading groups, and craft lessons. The developmentally appropriate curriculum not only establishes a strong foundation for learning but also fosters a love of learning that stays with students long after they graduate. By nurturing each child’s individuality the school strives to develop unprejudiced, confident, well-informed, and creative young people who are practical contributors to society.

Samford Valley Steiner School is located at Narrawa Drive, Wights Mountain. Find out more about the school at or phone (07) 3430 9600.

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