Samford Valley Hotel – THE REVIEW

Samford Valley Hotel

Here’s the dilemma – you desperately want a night off cooking but the idea of eating out in public with your Brisbane Kids fills you with dread. You can just picture it – your little darlings are eating with their fingers while shouting at each other with a mouth full of food and wiping their hands on the white tablecloths, oblivious to the disapproving looks from other diners…

It doesn’t have to be this way! Thanks to the increasing number of family friendly restaurants in Brisbane, it is possible to eat out with children at somewhere other than McDonalds. Samford Valley Hotel is one of these places – where children are not just allowed, but welcomed.

A playground to entertain the kids

Samford Valley Hotel

Set in the Main Street of country Samford (on the outskirts of Brisbane), the Samford Valley Hotel has a large outdoor dining area which adjoins an equally large children’s play area.

The playground is fully fenced and includes a fort with a slide and monkey bars, and a large grassed area – just like a suburban backyard – for playing ball games. The play area suits all ages from toddlers to teenagers, but is mostly outdoors, so it can be unsuitable on a rainy day or evening.

Quality food for adults and children

Samford Valley Hotel

The menu at the Samford Valley Hotel is also kid friendly, with a dedicated children’s menu including a healthy option of steak, salad and a bread roll. There is also a children’s ice cream station for dessert. For the adults there is an a-la-carte menu offering steaks, salads and a range of other options including gluten free and vegetarian meals. There is also a gourmet pizza menu that will appeal to adults and children alike.The Samford Valley Hotel also has a rich history – it was moved to its present site in 1918 and has undergone a number of façade and name changes over the years – but is still going strong.

And if you’re children are talking with their mouths full while swinging on their chairs… you won’t be alone! You’ll probably just shake your head and exchange a knowing smile with a family at a neighbouring table. Then sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while your Brisbane Kids burn up their energy in the play area

You deserve a night off cooking!

Samford Valley Hotel

The hotel is open for lunch seven days per week between 12pm and 2pm, and for dinner Tuesday – Sunday from 5.30pm. We recommend checking kitchen closing times, especially on weekends, to avoid disappointment.

To view the menus or make a booking, visit Samford Valley Hotel.

The Samford Valley Hotel is located on Main Street in Samford Valley.

Brisbane Kids shares all of the Places We Love To Eat that are child-friendly and good value. If you have anything to add to our list of Top 10 Child Friendly Cafes in Brisbane, please do let us know. You might also like to have a look at our Top 10 Dessert Places in Brisbane.

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