Roselea Park in Shailer Park

Shailer Park playground

Roselea Park replaces the previous skate park in Roselea Street, with a huge climbing fort complete with super slide and a smaller preschool pirate ship playhouse. The park has terraced stone seating, shade sails, picnic tables, swings, basketball court and fitness equipment, as well as plenty of bike and scooter paths.

Roselea Park Playground

The main structure of the playground at Roselea Park is a very tall castle. Children can clamber up 4 stories high to slide down the spiral super slide from the top. This is a huge hit with children of all ages and is very fast. Under the fort are play spaces and a climbing net. There is also a fireman’s pole from the second story of the castle. Children can immerse themselves in the thrill and adventure of climbing so high and then zooming down again either using the slide or the pole.

colourful fort playground

A preschool pirate ship is next to the castle. This provides smaller children with a climbing wall, slide, steering wheel and telescope. There is a pulley system to fill a bucket full of the soft fall bark chip and then pour it down a shoot. Inside the pirate ship, there is also a small scullery kitchen to prepare and serve up your pirate friends some imaginary morsels.

mega slide in brisbane playground

The Imagination Factor

Roselea Park is a wonderful setting for a pirate party or pirate play with its pirate-themed playground featuring a ship wheel, telescope, kitchen and even a wonderful pulley system. 


Whilst this playground is accessible via ramps, it has no equipment that specifically caters for special needs such as wheelchairs. There are no toilet facilities in this park, however, toilets are located in the adjacent shopping complex.

Roselea Park features

  • Unfenced playground
  • Shade sails
  • Bark and sand base
  • No on site toilets
  • Large castle climbing structure
  • Tall spiral slide
  • Preschool pirate ship with slide
  • Swings
  • Climbing ropes
  • Bike paths
  • Basketball half-court
  • Fitness equipment
  • Shady climbing trees
  • Bridge and seasonal creek bed
  • Terraced seating
  • 2 covered picnic benches
  • Water fountain
  • Shopping centre carpark adjacent

Another great playground for Brisbane Kids can be found nearby at Shailer Pioneer Park. Roselea Park is located around 10 minutes from IKEA Logan if you need a respite before you head home. 

Roselea Park is located on Roselea Street in Shailer Park.

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