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We are for the little people, for the small and thoughtful gestures, for the details that make things better, in the face of the big picture, big brother and big business we’re the mouse that ROARED!

Roar is an Australian company manufacturing 100% Natural Cordials. They support Australian farmers, our environment and community and a natural way of living.

Roar Living is a revolution in children’s cordials. Owner and creator Maria Assatourian began her passion for food at the tender age of 4 in her mother’s kitchen in Iran. Fresh produce and a warm welcome with a refreshing drink are customary in Iran and this good healthy and family friendly theme has continued into Maria’s innovative cordials. Inspired to create an alternative to the sugar filled cordials that line our supermarket shelves, Roar Living Cordials were born—with a healthy, fabulous and affordable product for the health of our children and several future products in the pipeline still to come.

Roar Cordial Gift Box

Natural Cordials in 3 flavours

Roar Living cordials currently have three unique flavours to choose from. These cordials are made the old fashioned way—pressing, infusing, crushing, grinding and steeping. These exciting flavours include Plum Pudding, Raspberry Jam and Cool Mint.

Plum Pudding – Davidson Plums are gently poached with cinnamon. The mixture is strained then added to raw sugar syrup to steep then strained again.

Raspberry Jam – Plump sweet juicy raspberries are carefully pressed then lemon juice is added. Raw sugar syrup is gently poured over then simmered.

Cool Mint – Mint is carefully bruised then steeped in fresh lime juice and its zest. After a period of time it is all infused with raw sugar cane syrup.

Natural Cordial

Roar Cordials are for the whole family. Add a special addition to Sunday morning pancakes with a drizzle of Plum Pudding, or an exciting smoothie treat with fresh produce and a splash of Raspberry Jam. And for the adults, why not add a dash of Cool Mint to vodka for a refreshing summer drink, or a tipple of Raspberry Jam into your champagne for a decadent addition to any celebration. The possibilities are endless.

Natural Cordial

Roar Living Cordials are 100% natural with no nasties, no fillers and no emulsifiers.

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