River Heart Parklands

River Heart playground, bob gamble, ipswich playground

River Heart Parklands otherwise known as Bob Gamble Park goes above and beyond a standard park design, offering a free family leisure experience where water play meets epic playground adventures. 

River Heart Playground features

River heart playground at Ipswich boasts 3 sandpit areas, water-play activities with 4 large water pumps for children to experiment with, swings, a flying fox, a large climbing frame with a slide and lots of smaller points of interest!

Also known as Bob Gamble Park it is also designed so there are plenty of ‘bench’ seats for adults, artificial grass near the sandpit area to wipe your feet to effectively get rid of sandy feet, a large grassed area, balance beams in amongst the trees and even a shower to remove the sand after play.

riverheart, ipswich playground, fun for kids

The wider park area features undercover tables and bbq’s with lights on dusk, there are 3 areas with around 8 tables all up spread out through the 3 areas. Right on the bank of the Bremmer river in Ipswich, this park offers lots of shade from shade sails and peaceful surrounds. For those who are looking to stretch their legs, the parklands also offer wheelchair and pram-friendly boardwalks of 1.2 kilometres. 

River Heart playground has one of the best water play designs we’ve seen. Making use of the slope, there are numerous hand water pumps, with troughs or water wheels. The water gushes through the troughs and water wheels down to the concrete maze of opening and closing gates, allowing the kids to manipulate the water flow rate and direction. At the bottom is the zero-depth splash area. This area has a rubberised base with water jets aiming in all directions.

Imagination Factor

There are so many different ways to play at River Heart Parklands, kids are only limited by their imagination. A battle of good versus evil may rage in the forest. From atop the cubbies get a bird’s eye view, spot the enemy coming, and prepare an escape route or plan of attack. Hop aboard SS River Heart, set out the coordinates for your destination and with the help of the rest of the crew, you’re ready to set sail. Jump on your digger for another day of work at the construction site.

river heart, waterplay, kids fun ipswich


A flat car park is about 150 meters from the playground and is connected by concrete paths.

Street parking is available which is closer, however, it is on an incline. Everything in Bob Gamble Parklands is connected by concrete paths.

The play area is on the side of the hill, there are ramps to get down and back up. The carpark is at the top of the hill. Because the parklands back onto the Bremer River the length of the play space is fenced from the riverbank, however, the rest of the playground is not fenced.

Landscaping acts as a barrier between the playground and the road. There is one main area with BBQs and tables under shelter and at dusk, the lighting is turned on. Another shelter with tables is closer to the bathrooms. Outdoor showers are located at the toilet block, which has standard stalls, disability stalls and baby change facilities.

River Heart Parkland features

  • Discovery forest with balancing logs and tree stumps
  • Two cubby houses/forts
  • Play wooden rowboat
  • Large grassed area for ball games
  • Slide
  • Large cargo netting climbing structure
  • Sandpit
  • Diggers
  • Two flying foxes
  • Rope log swing
  • Basket swing
  • Traditional Swing
  • Toddler Swing
  • Zero depth splash zone
  • Water play with water pumps, troughs, water wheel, and gates
  • BBQs
  • Viewing platforms
  • Sheltered table and chairs – lighting comes on at dusk
  • Accessible toilets with baby change facilities
  • Outdoor showers

How to get here

You’ll find River Heart, Bob Gamble Park, on King Edward Parade at Ipswich.

River Heart Parklands is nearly a day trip in itself, however, we usually plan our visits to coincide with the various children’s’ installations at the Ipswich Art Gallery 

Photos of River Heart Parklands


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