Ridgeview Playground Narangba

ridgeview narangba playground

A play space for all ages, Ridgeview Playground in Narangba will keep your Brisbane Kids occupied with plenty of opportunities for climbing, learning, swinging and spinning. The striking orange and green colours of this newly built playground in Narangba will brighten your child’s day and is full of play equipment, which is designed to be climbed on, spun, slid down and run through.

Ridgeview Narangba Playground

An outdoor exercise equipment station is the first part of the playground kids will stumble across and if they run straight past, they will find a bank of swings, the spinners and then the large, sprawling multi-level fort.

Separate from this fort, you will find a play/learning hut, specifically designed for toddlers, containing various play panels. This hut is low to the ground, so there is no risk of falling.

Older children will be lining up to have a go on the track ride, which is similar to a flying fox. Riders can fly solo or take a handle each and share the ride with a friend.

Another brilliant feature of this playground is the ‘You and Me’ swing. If you haven’t heard of this type of swing, then you should definitely go and check it out. Made specifically for two, a toddle and an adult, you can sit facing each other whilst swinging back and forth. The adult part of the swing is lower than the child’s, meaning both users can be at eye level, whilst relishing in the joy of sharing the swing together.

Imagination Factor

As with many parks that feature multi-level forts, Ridgeview playground is the perfect place for children to have an epic game of hide and seek or tag. There are plenty of places to hide or escape by clambering up rope nets, slipping down slides or rushing across wobbly bridges. Other children may be more content to perch themselves on a high spot in the playground and watch the surrounding diggers and bulldozers.


Ridgeview playground is a play space which according to the playground designers, Urban Play features, “an ADA-approved ramp allows wheelchairs and walking frames to play alongside their friends and family. The ramp is fitted with play panels which develop social, cognitive, emotional and physical skills. Slides, swings, spinners, a learning play hut and a track ride are among other play items found within the playground.” 

wheelchair accessible ramp, narangba playground

Concrete paths lead from the road to the playground, providing easy access for wheelchairs, prams and other walking aides. There is soft-fall base leading from the path to the fort, where users can access a ramp, with many play panels along the walls. There is a bank of swings which includes a nest swing and a ‘You and Me’ swing.

The play area is partially shaded by shade sails and some trees. There are a few sheltered picnic tables, bench seats and block walls for seating around the perimeter of the playground.

Ridgeview Playground – The Facts

  • Unfenced playground
  • Partially shaded by shade sails
  • Chip bark and soft-fall base
  • Multi-level fort with bridges and tunnels
  • Track ride (similar to flying fox)
  • Climbing nets
  • Toddler learning hut with play panels
  • Multi-spinner carousel
  • Spinner bowl
  • Multiple slides of varying heights
  • Swings including nest swing and ‘You and Me’ swing
  • Outdoor fitness equipment (Kompan)
  • Sheltered picnic tables and bench seating
  • Water fountains
  • Rubbish bins
  • Limited street parking
  • No toilets

Currently there are no toilet facilities at this park, though these often come later if there are enough requests. If you enjoy visiting this playground, then we suggest you contact your Local Councillor or State Minister to see how they might be able to assist.

How to Get Here

Ridgeview Estate is a brand-new estate in Narangba, and as such the roads within the estate may not display on maps. To access the playground, turn into Ridgeview Estate from Raynbird Road. From here go through the first roundabout, then turn right into Bluegrass Drive. Follow this road right to the end, where you will find the playground (keep an eye out for the orange and green shade sails.)

Ridgeview Playground is located on Bluegrass Drive, Narangba.

Center map

Photos of Ridgeview Playground

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