Review of WhiteWater World at the Gold Coast

Fully 6 waterslides at WhiteWater World

WhiteWater World on the Gold Coast, located right next to Dreamworld, has continues to release new water rides and slides that are suitable for kids of all ages, and those that are kids at heart! In late 2019, the park opened Fully 6, six new waterslides that have plenty of twists, turns and drops to get the adrenaline going. Entry to WhiteWater World is included with any Dreamworld ticket purchase, and you can read our full review of Dreamworld, Australia’s biggest theme park, here. Alternatively, you can purchase tickets to WhiteWater World only, and spend the day getting wet!

Wiggle Bay Waterslide at WhiteWater World

Is WhiteWater World suitable for younger children?

In a word, yes. There are three main areas that cater to younger children at WhiteWater World: Wiggle Bay, Cave of Waves and Pipeline Plunge.

Wiggle Bay WhiteWater World

Wiggle Bay at WhiteWater World

This shallow pool area with shade sails has mini-slides, interactive sprays (Wiggles’ themed), water cannons and instruments. The maximum height allowed in this area is 120cm, meaning it is a safe space for tiny tots as bigger kids are not permitted. There are lifeguards here, but it’s important for parents to remain vigilant as well. Surrounding the pool are shaded sun lounges to relax in between swims, and sometimes the Wiggles’ characters will make an appearance.

 Cave of Waves at WhiteWater World

Cave of Waves at WhiteWater World

The Cave of Waves is a big pool with a graduated depth. If you stay up the shallow end, it is suitable for little ones, and also features some water fountains. Every so often, a siren will sound and the pool becomes a wave pool. Again, if you are in the shallow section, this is great fun for little kids. Older children and teens will enjoy the deeper section of the wave pool, which is also patrolled by lifeguards.

Pipeline Plunge at White Water World

Pipeline Plunge at WhiteWater World

This is a pretty spectacular area for kids with a higher thrill level. There is a giant fort with multiple waterslides coming down from the various levels, as well as water squirters, giant tipping buckets etc. This is a noisier and busier area – there’s plenty of delighted shrieks when kids are drenched by a suddenly upturned bucket of water – but it’s also a lot of fun. Again, lifeguards patrol this area to ensure the safety of everyone.  

Fully 6 Waterslides at WhiteWater World

What high thrill rides are there at WhiteWater World?

For older kids, teens and adults, there’s a range of thrill rides that usually require a minimum height of 120cm or 130cm. The newest of these waterslides is the Fully 6, six individual body slides which offer varying thrill levels – some are open-aired, some are closed with light effects and some are very, very steep! In addition to the Fully 6, you can check out the following slides on the Dreamworld website:

  • Supertubes Hydrocoaster
  • Temple of Huey
  • The Little Rippers
  • Triple Vortex
  • The Green Room
  • The Wedgie
  • The RIP
  • The Bro 

Cabana at WhiteWater World

Can I hire a cabana at WhiteWater World?

Yes, you can! Prices start at $120 for a basic cabana, which keeps you sheltered from the sun and gives you a designated space for all your swimming gear. Some cabanas have a safe, mini-fridge and a television. There are even two-story cabanas which are perfect for groups. Otherwise, there are plenty of shaded sun lounges around the waterpark that you can use for free.

Milkshake at Dreamworld

What is there to eat at WhiteWater World?

To save money, you can bring your own picnic lunch and snacks into WhiteWater World, however, alcohol is not permitted. Alternatively, you can purchase meals, snacks and drinks from Bite Me Cafe, a licensed outlet offering burgers, wraps, fish & chip, sandwiches and salads. They also sell tea, coffee, cinnamon donuts and children’s packs. If you have purchased a ticket to Dreamworld as well, you can also eat at the many food outlets there.

Girl playing in fountains at WhiteWater World

Things to know about WhiteWater World 

  • there is free onsite parking
  • lockers are available, for a fee
  • there are accessible toilets, showers and changerooms with baby changing facilities
  • it is open 7 days per week, from 10 am until 5 pm
  • the water is heated during the winter months
  • even if you’re only planning on being a spectator, you still have to pay the full entry fee

For more information about WhiteWater World, or to make a booking, visit their website. From time to time, Dreamworld and WhiteWater World hosts special events and guests, like the annual, family-friendly Halloween celebration.

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