Review of Sea Monsters – Prehistoric Ocean Predators

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Sea Monsters – Prehistoric Ocean Predators

The latest ticketed exhibition at the Queensland Museum is a travel back through time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth and their marine reptile cousins swam in the seas.  This incredible exhibition will take visitors through the evolution of these creatures, including impressive skeletons from specimens found around the globe.                                                                

Before you enter there’s an information board explaining that there are no dinosaurs in this exhibition – although these Sea Monsters and dinosaurs existed at the same time and were all reptiles, they were not closely related, a bit like turtles and snakes today. 

The Sea Monster Fossils

The sea monsters exhibition showcases 3 major types of ocean predators in chronological order based on how long ago they ruled the oceans.  There are interactive elements throughout the exhibition designed to engage, inform and enchant visitors of all ages. 

plesiosaurus skeleton

The first hall introduces Brisbane kids to the exhibition, providing context for how far back in time these sea monsters existed and showing a little about their discovery and their place in human history and how our understanding of them has changed over the years.

Ichthyosaurus skull

Then you progress through to the world of Ichthyosaurs.  This room is dominated by a large skull in the centre of the display surrounded by information and other fossils and reconstructions. 

The next room is the world of plesiosaurs which features the largest skeleton of the exhibition.  This is the type of marine reptile that most closely resembles the mythological Loch Ness Monster.

skeleton puzzle

Mosasaurs will be familiar to kids who have seen the Jurassic World movies – these are the ocean predators featured in the series – and there is a large skeleton in the next space.  This is also the reptile featured on the posters with the 2nd row of teeth on the roof of its mouth.  If you look carefully inside the mouth of the skeleton, you can see them!

sea monster skeleton on display

What kids will love about this exhibition

Brisbane kids will be impressed by the scale of the huge skeletons throughout the exhibition space and will enjoy discovering interesting facts about how these aquatic monsters lived and hunted.  There are also little windows with amusing dioramas dotted around the exhibition space close to ground level.  There are little jokes and funny scenes sure to delight young and old.

There are also numerous Queensland finds on display – Penny the Plesiosaur is a particularly impressive specimen.  Kids with an interest in palaeontology might be extra excited by this local angle throughout the exhibition.  There is also a scaled representation of different prehistoric ocean reptiles side by side with modern monsters of the deep and even a Brisbane bus for comparison and added scale.  

plesiosaur skeleton

Towards the end of the exhibition is an interactive play area with several hands on activities – there are Duplo tables for kids to develop their own Sea Monsters or habitats, and there’s an incredible art station.  There are outlines of several prehistoric ocean reptiles that visitors are invited to colour and design.  When they’re finished, they can be scanned and they begin swimming on a large screen in on the wall.  Children will delight in seeing their very own sea monster swimming past!

sea monsters kids activity area

This is a wonderful exhibition with plenty to see and do for young and old and visitors will come away with a greater appreciation and understanding of our prehistoric oceans and the prehistoric ocean predators that called them home.

Just do NOT call them Dinosaurs. 

Sea Monsters is showing at the Queensland Museum until May 3rd 2021. Tickets must be purchased to this event. Ticket prices start at $10.35 per person. Kids aged 0-4 years are free. Sessions are available to book from 9.45 am – 2.45 pm daily.

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