Redcliffe Parkour Park

Redcliffe Parkour Park is situated off Hornibrook Esplanade on Victoria Avenue, Woody Point.  It is one of only a few purpose-built parkour parks in the wider Brisbane area.

Parkour Park in Redcliffe

This intriguing playground has 12 different challenges to tackle, including an angled wall, vault bars, boulders, modular block walls, balance beams, climbing frames and scalable poles. The idea of parkour is for the enthusiast to make their way around an area in the quickest, most efficient way possible. This is done by running, jumping, climbing, rolling, vaulting and leaping any obstacles in your way. There is supposed to be freedom of movement, so you will find there is no one way to do an activity, no order and no set direction. There really are no limits.

You won’t find the traditional slides or swings here and at first it can be confusing as to how to use the space as it seems quite unfamiliar. However, the obstacles do flow onto each other and once imagination and possibility kick in, the kids will be unstoppable.

kids doing parkour

Safety Considerations

Suitable for beginner to expert skill levels and all age groups, you can use the Redcliffe Parkour Park course to suit your own abilities. Parents can assist smaller children to do the balance beams, and more capable children will enjoy challenging themselves on the modular walls. That said, older children will likely get more out of the park in the way that it is intended to be used than the little ones. Additionally, if you are more serious about Parkour you will want to find a time of day that is less busy so you can get a flow of movement.

child climbing pole in playground

Parkour Lessons in Redcliffe

For those wanting to learn to parkour and take their skills to the next level there are a couple of options.

Redcliffe Parkour Classes offer classes. Visit the Redcliffe Parkour Classes Facebook page to book, and check out this amazing clip for inspiration.

Brisbane Parkour Training Hub offers classes in conjunction with Moreton Bay City Council. These classes are FREE and cover a large range of techniques from the basic introduction and safety aspects of parkour to more difficult or advanced techniques, as well as some games and challenges during the session. Classes are capped at 25, so bookings are essential. You can book at

Redcliffe Parkour Park features

  • Covered by shade sails
  • Rubber soft-fall matting for a gentler landing
  • Small playground with swings and slides suitable for young children located nearby
  • Located right on the grassy foreshore near the bike path, with beautiful views out over the bay
  • Two covered picnic shelters with tables and seating
  • Water bubblers adjacent
  • Off-street carpark
  • Public toilets across from the playground

Redcliffe Parkour Park is located on the corner of Hornibrook Esplanade and Victoria Avenue at Woody Point.

For other awesome parkour parks in Brisbane, take a look at our Parks with Parkour Equipment reviews.

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