Ready Set Trot – For Brisbane Kids who love horses


Ready Set Trot – for kids who ♥ horses

A fun and exciting new program which gives young people a chance to get hands on with horses is here.

Ready Set Trot is making it easy for children aged between five and 12 to learn about and have fun with horses. The beginner program is especially for children with little or no prior horse knowledge.

The program consists of fun games and activities which teach basic horse skills and horse safety. As well as learning how to care for a horse, participants learn proper riding techniques from an accredited coach who ensures children learn in a safe environment. They’ll also learn about a horse’s features, how to prepare a horse for riding and learn the different paces that a horse travels at plus much more.

Ready Set Trot lessons include a fun starter pack which includes a Ready Set Trot helmet cover, workbook, pen, armband and sticker. Ready Set Trot accredited delivery centres provide a horse and all the necessary equipment. Ready Set Trot is an affordable way for young people to get involved and have fun with horses.

The learning and fun begins at where interactive activities allow young people to create their own ‘Gee Gee’ and play games which team common horse terms, features and paces. You can also use the program finder on the Ready Set Trot website to locate your nearest Ready Set Trot delivery centre.

Ready Set Trot is an initiative of Equestrian Australia and Pony Club Australia and is supported by Sporting Schools.

Attention teachers! There’s a special Ready Set Trot program which is free for schools. ‘Playground Skills’ is the school yard version of the program and is run using basic equipment that you’d find in a sport shed such as balls, hoops and skipping ropes. No horse or horse knowledge is needed so it can be delivered anywhere, anytime by anyone. The program is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission and forms part of its Sporting Schools program, which focuses on physical activity while developing values such as sportsmanship, responsibility and communication. Visit to find out how you can get your school involved for FREE.

If you would like more information please email [email protected]

Check out their website at

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