Rainbow Salt Art

Salt art for kids

Reusable Art Medium For Kids

Looking for a new and exciting way for your child to express their artistic visions? Rainbow salt art allows your child to create a masterpiece and then simply shake and start again. Use this activity for toddlers to help their fine motor skills, or for school aged children to work on sight words. The uses of this creative art medium are amazing!

You Will Need:

  • Coloured Card/Paper
  • A tray or shallow box
  • Sticky Tape
  • Table Salt
  • Paint brushes

How To Make Rainbow Salt Art Drawing Trays

Step 1

Salt drawings for kids

Arrange the coloured card in the tray so as to allow for each colour to show.   You may need to trip the paper so each colour fits.

Step 2

Sticky tape along the vertical lines of the paper so salt doesn’t disappear under the card.

Step 3

Sticky tape the paper to the tray.

Step 4

Salt drawings for kids

Cover the card with a fine layer of table salt – not too much or the drawings will not show up clearly.

Salt drawings for kids

This activity was a huge success with our children aged 3,5 and 7. Each child manipulated their salt art with either the paint brush or their finger-tips. Miss 3 liked drawing a big face and then would wiggle her fingers around in the salt to her own little artistic rhythm. Master 5 used the salt art to practice his sight words and swirl into big rainbow spots. Master 7 loves patterns so created a wavy line and dot pattern.

What will your Brisbane Kids draw?

Salt art for Kids

We’ve got lots of great Craft and Fun Ideas for your Brisbane Kids. Following on from the rainbow theme, you might like to check out our beautiful Rainbow Collages.

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