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QPAC SummerSet


QPAC SummerSet 2017- 2018 is HUGE for families! Featuring live stage performances of Emily Brown and the Thing, The Funatorium: Mad Hatter’s Tea party, Brainiac Live! and the world premiere of The 78-Storey Treehouse, Brisbane Kids is proud to support this holiday season of family-friendly entertainment.

Emily Brown and the Thing

Emily Brown and the Thing on stage

When: 12th – 23rd December 2017

Where: QPAC Cremorne Theatre, South Brisbane

Tickets: starting from $35

If you loved the modern classic story by the award-winning duo Cressida Cowell (author of How to Train Your Dragon) and Neal Layton, you must see Emily Brown and the Thing. Described as a brilliant show: funny, touching, and completely satisfying, Emily Brown and the Thing tells the all too familiar story of a little girl and her old grey rabbit Stanley who can’t get to sleep because there is a Thing crying outside her window. Turns out the Thing is upset as he has lost his cuddly and can’t sleep without it. Wanting to help, Emily Brown and Stanley set out into the woods to find the missing cuddly but when they get back, it turns out Thing can’t sleep without hot milk or tickly throat medicine either! Now Emily needs to find out what really is bothering the Thing so everyone can get to sleep.

The show has been created by Tall Stories, who were also responsible for the amazing stage shows The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s Child and The Snail and the Whale, all popular children’s book brought to life on stage. Emily Brown stars a seasoned cast of talented performers and is directed by Olivia Jacobs.

Emily Brown and the Thing  is a heartwarming, magical musical adventure full of original songs, amazing puppetry, laughs and fun that is recommended for children aged 3 years and older.

To purchase tickets to Emily Brown and the Thing, and to find out more click here.

The 78-Storey Treehouse World premiere 78 Storey treehouse

When: 13th – 23rd December 2017

Where: QPAC Playhouse, South Brisbane

Tickets: starting from $35

Terry and Andy are being taken from the pages of the popular Andy Griffith and Terry Denton book and put onto the stage for an amazing production of The 78-Storey Treehouse and the best bit is that Brisbane Kids get to see it first as it makes it’s world premiere as part of QPAC’s Summerset line up.  Adapted for the stage by Richard Tulloch, the show (and book) tells the story of Terry and Andy, who live in an absolutely amazing treehouse. And it’s not just any old tree house- this treehouse has 78 storeys! In addition to the secret underground laboratory, it now has a Scribbletorium, a high-security potato chip storage facility (guarded by one very angry duck!) and even an open-air movie theatre ….so many awesome things in one awesome treehouse!

In this amazing theatre production expect to see Mr Big Shot arrive to make a blockbuster movie, but when Andy gets fired and is replaced by a gibbon called Mel Gibson all the fun starts, or maybe ends, depending how you look at it. You will have to see the play (if you haven’t already read the book) to find out if the movie gets made and who will win the battle between Terry and Andy. Oh and keep an eye out for the spy cows that keep popping up on stage!

The show is a fun, laugh out loud comedy that is recommended for Brisbane Kids aged 6 years and over, fans of the Treehouse franchise and their parents.

To purchase tickets to The 78-Storey Treehouse, and to find out more click here.

The Funatorium : Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Mad Hatter's Tea Party Funatorium

When:  3rd – 13th January 2018

Where: QPAC Playhouse, South Brisbane

Tickets: starting from $25

Inspired by the classic fairytale, Alice in Wonderland, The Funatorium: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, is one big party with an amazing cast of circus performers in a show just for kids! Expect to see acrobatics, circus, singing, dancing and roller skates on stage, as well as Play School’s Monica Trapaga, in a wonderful world where you’ll meet all your favourite characters, including the Mad Hatter, and discover incredible talents far beyond the pages of the Wonderland book.

Brisbane Kids can expect to be entertained by this awesome immersive party experience featuring great music, beautiful costumes, amazing sets and the best artists from the world of circus and cabaret in a show recommended for Brisbane Kids aged 5 years and over and their parents.

To purchase tickets to The Funatorium: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and to find out more click here.

Brainiac Live!

Trolley experiemnet Brainiac Live SummerSet

When: 9th – 13th January 2018

Where: QPAC Concert Hall, South Brisbane

Tickets: starting from $35

Get excited as Brainiac Live!, the hit TV show, heads to Brisbane to perform live for the first time ever! Described as science’s greatest and most volatile show, Brisbane Kids should expect to be entertained by exploding dustbins, combusting microwaves and loads of live daredevil stunts! On stage there will be lots of mind blowing experiments and demonstrations including the fastest way to spin an office chair, what things you can run through and how to make an extremely loud bang.

Perhaps the most exciting bit about this show is that you can add on the Brainiac Detective Academy, a 60 minute hands on workshop where Brisbane Kids will become a trainee Braniac Detective. The workshop will present Brisbane Kids with a problem, a robbery at Brainiac HQ, and through the power of forensic science, Brisbane Kids will find the clues and find out who is responsible while becoming an official member of the Brainiac Academy.

Brainiac Live! will have Brisbane Kids sitting on the edge of their seats as they are entertained in this live show recommended for kids aged 7 years and over, their parents and all science lovers.

To purchase tickets to Brainiac Live!, and to find out more click here.

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