Pretty Lace Garland – Valentine Theme.

This is another really simple project that you can adjust for any time of year.  Snow flakes at Christmas, Egg shapes at Easter, etc.

All you need is some liquid starch (available form large supermarkets in the laundry section), corn flour and old doilies or thick lace.

In a small bowl, half fill with laundry starch, then add a generous table spoon of corn flour.  If you want to colour the doilies, at this point add a few drops of food colouring (we used red for one batch and left the others plain).  Soak your doilies in the mixture until fully drenched.  lay flat on a non stick surface that you can put in the sun (we used a flan silicone mould and a fry pan).  Sit in the sun or allow to dry in shade.  This may take anywhere from 2 to 12 hours depending on weather conditions.

Once dry, trace out shapes on the backside of the now flat and firm doily.  Cut out then string up.  There you have it!

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