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Fingerprint artworks

The Fingerprint Tree has created a stunning range of unique products to capture your milestone celebration in the form of a long-lasting work of art. Beautifully presented and wonderfully original, the Fingerprint Tree and Seedlings will remind you of that special day, taking pride of place on the walls of your home.

Original Fingerprint Artworks

Fingerprint artworks

Fingerprint Trees are framed artworks that feature the base of a tree and its branches. The idea is to invite the guests at your special event (eg. a Christening or Wedding) to write their names at the end of a branch in metallic pen and then place their fingerprint over the name to create the leaves of the tree. Upon completion, you will be left with a wonderful tree covered in the foliage of your family and friend’s prints. Similarly, Seedlings work on the same concept and are perfect for capturing a newborn’s finger and footprints to display in the nursery, immortalising their impossibly tiny features forever.

What is included in a Fingerprint Tree kit?

Fingerprint artworks

The Fingerprint Tree and Seedlings gift packs include everything you will need to create a one-of-a-kind framed piece that will remind you always of that special day; be it a new baby’s arrival, first birthday, christening or even a wedding. Every Fingerprint Tree and Seedlings artwork is original and hand-drawn to order and you even can specify the type of tree to ensure that your tree is unlike any other. The artwork comes ready to go in a gorgeous frame (here again, you can choose the colour) and the pack also includes the stamp pads and pens required to capture the names and fingerprints of your family and friends.

Ways to Use Your Fingerprint Tree and Seedlings

Fingerprint artworks

There are so many ways you could use your Fingerprint Tree! One of our favourite ideas is to give a Fingerprint Tree to an expectant mum at her baby shower with the view to having every family member or friend place their mark on it; either in hospital or when they first meet the baby at home. Imagine a gorgeous tree full of the names and fingerprints of those who care most about the child to remind them just how loved they really are! Of course, the uses for a Fingerprint Tree are limited only by your imagination. A Fingerprint Tree would also make a beautiful engagement gift to be completed at the wedding reception of the newly created family. In fact, they’re perfect for any special event, including christenings, first and other milestone birthdays, or even just to capture your extended family ‘tree’ in a beautiful artwork.

The Fingerprint Tree and Seedlings can be purchased online at, where you can also view the wide variety of options to make your piece truly unique. For more inspiration, follow The Fingerprint Tree on Facebook at

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