Fertility, Pregnancy and Prenatal Services Brisbane

Whether it is your first of your seventh time, mums-to-be can always do with some extra help. These businesses provide pregnancy services in Brisbane for Mums AND Dads – from pre-conception to birth, and beyond.

embrace life

Embrace Life

At Embrace Life we believe that parenting is a very important job and that support and education make parenting not only easier but more enjoyable. Embrace Life offer a full range of Ante-Natal, Lactation, Child Health & Parenting Support Services to families, available either in your own home or at their beautiful centre in North Lakes. Our Lactation Consultant and Child Health Nurse Sharon Armstrong has many years of experience working with parents. www.embracelife.net.au


Performance Health Queensland

A qualified Brisbane naturopath since 2002, Sandi offers specialised paediatric naturopathy consultations to address a number of childhood issues. A “realistic Naturopath”, with two small children of her own, she believes balance is the key and has the skill and passion to ensure becoming well is a fun and enjoyable experience for you and your children. http://www.osteopathichealth.com.au/

baby isabella

Avana Natural Fertility

Perhaps you’re having problems getting pregnant or maybe you are keen to optimise the health of your future baby, either way Bev Dorgan, a naturopathic nutritionist at Avana Natural Fertility is passionate about helping you enhance your fertility naturally. It takes two to tango so, by maximising the health of both mum AND dad, which will boost the health of both the egg and the sperm, you’re increasing your chances of creating the right environment for a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. Having had a much-longed for baby after a period of infertility AND fair share of frustration, despair and disappointment, Bev’s knowledge, understanding and compassion will help make your journey smoother. www.avananaturalfertility.com.au

Family Chiropractor in Brisbane

Sherwood Chiropractic

Pregnant women, babies, children and adolescents can all benefit from chiropractic treatments, but it’s important to choose a practitioner that specialises in paediatrics. Dr Jemima Nelson and Dr Claudia Cadona Sherwood Chiropractic are highly qualified paediatric chiropractors who are passionate about caring for pregnant women and children. Their gentle and holistic approach to health has helped countless young patients including infants with breastfeeding or settling difficulties, babies with head shape issues and children with motor and milestone delays. www.sherwoodchiropractic.com.au

UQ Sport logo

UQ Sport’s Bubble Club

Did you know that the University of Queensland, located in St Lucia, has a whole range of awesome sporting activities and services for kids in Brisbane and their parents? The newly launched Bubble Club provides pregnant women with a 14-month free Maternity Swimming Pass, as well as free Learn-to-Swim classes for their 4-6 month old. They have also created a Facebook group to allow mothers to coordinate their swims and even take turns swimming and child minding. For further details, please visit http://uqsport.com.au/content/bubble-club


Baby Triple P Program

Are you pregnant with your first baby? If so, consider taking part in a free preparing for baby program called Baby Triple P. This program will teach you all about what to do when you bring your bundle of joy home. https://exp.psy.uq.edu.au/baby or www.facebook.com/babytriplep

Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness Brisbane

Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness

Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness educates expecting parents and parents about the importance of keeping emotionally healthy during pregnancy, birth and beyond and supports parents who are struggling. www.peachtree.org.au

Dr Arun Shapleski

Dr Arun Shapleski (Osteopath)

Osteopathy is a particularly safe and effective treatment for babies, children and pregnant women. Dr Arun Shapleski (Osteopath) is a Brisbane based Osteopath who uses a very gentle form of treatment called ‘cranial osteopathy’, which despite its name, can be applied anywhere in the body, not just the head. There are no ‘cracks or crunches’ or other forceful movements utilised by other therapies. This makes it a very safe, gentle, yet incredibly effective treatment for a wide range of problems affecting babies, children and pregnant women. www.bardonosteopathy.com.au

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