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William Sonoma is coming to Brisbane, specifically Fortitude Valley, signalling an exciting day in Brisbane retail history. James Street has never been so excited, with building signage proof that something awesome is about to happen. At the end of construction Brisbane families will be treated to the likes of Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids and West Elm. William Sonoma, Incs., have signed a HUGE 10 year lease on a massive 2500 square metres of space at 46 James Street, Fortitude Valley.

What is Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is an American homewares store, selling everything from linens, to crockery to furniture on a MASSIVE scale.

Pottery Barn Kids is the children’s line of the adult brand, which offers equally gorgeous kids furniture and linens but add lines of play furniture and toys.

West Elm, according to the Global VP of William Sonoma, Craig Nomura, “Is inspired by New York lofts and urban living so you’ll see smaller sized furniture and slightly lower price points than Pottery Barn,”. 

From an outsiders perspective the talent of the William Sonoma team is in the marketing and positioning of their products online (and now in store) to look appealing and luxurious. They also tend to theme and group their stock well, not unlike IKEA, but in a more high end, less Swedish way. From a business perspective we are talking about the massive brand William-Sonoma Incs., which is the parent brand that sits behind Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids and West Elm. William Sonoma and their move into Australia signals something far more exciting for our retail environment and if you are interested in their history, global expansion and entry of William Sonoma in Australia you can read more about it here (1).

Where can I find parking for Pottery Barn in the Valley?

Great question. James Street Precinct has typically been about boutique and small sized retailers so it will be interesting to see how the area handles a huge influx of traffic. One can only assume that the massive development also includes allowance for parking otherwise families would be limited to the street and underground parking that is barely adequate for families now. If you want to keep updated with the development as it proceeds you can get free updates via our Brisbane weekly e-newsletterOpening is October 1st 2015. Details here https://www.facebook.com/events/1645714302385060/ and http://www.jamesst.com.au/about/

What you will love about the Brisbane Pottery Barn Kids Store

Pottery Barn Kids Linen

Pottery Barn is well known for its stylish and on trend children’s bed linens. (example may not be indicative of current stock)

girls linen pottery barn brisbane


Woodlands Nursery Bedding

Heirloom bedding is something that I think Pottery Barn is well known for. It is about choosing something for your precious baby. knowing that it will be passed down through generations. One of the most popular linen lines at Pottery Barn Kids is their Woodland series, coming in a variety of colours and tones, all linked by a certain storybook charm. I know more than one mother who has ordered a similar set to the one below for their babies, especially those of unknown gender.  (example may not be indicative of current stock)

woodland linen



The Pottery Barn Dollhouses

The dollhouses from Pottery Barn, even online, manage to summon something magical within. Perhaps it is the ideal of what a dollhouse should look like, perhaps it is the wish that we had one when we were little to play with. Either way I would suggest that before you buy a dollhouse from anywhere else, you check these out first. Will they be the cheapest dollhouse on the market? NO. Will they be a dollhouse your child can pass down to their child? YES! (example may not be indicative of current stock)

pottery barn dollhouse


Pottery Barn Kids Kitchens

If there is something Pottery Barn does well, it is their kids kitchens. They are impressive both in colour, attention to detail and how many varieties you can buy. (example may not be indicative of current stock)

pottery barn kitchen


Is Shopping at Pottery Barn Child Friendly?

We can only base our opinion on their other stores but we would be assuming YES! Infact from what we know, Pottery Barn encourage the kids to sit on some chairs and play with some toys provided. In addition we have heard awesome reports of their change room and accommodating bathroom facilities.

Reviews of Pottery Barn Brisbane

Obviously the store is yet to open but one can assume that the marketing wizardry of William Sonoma Incs. would ensure continuity across their stores, so we took the liberty of tracking down some of our favourite bloggers who reviewed their Sydney Store when it first opened.




Can I shop online for Pottery Barn?

YES YOU CAN!!! http://www.potterybarnkids.com.au/


1) https://www.insideretail.com.au/blog/2013/08/23/from-brooklyn-to-bondi/




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