Playdough Recipe


Playdough Recipe

playdough-activity-things-to-doPlaydough is the ultimate in fun for Brisbane Kids. Brilliant for fine motor skills and for fun of all sorts from pretend cooking through to making a zoo full of playdough animals.

Make some playdough-

recipe- Salt 1 1/2 cups

Flour 3 cups

water 3 cups

cream of tartar 6tbsp

vege oil 3 tbsp

food colour a couple of drops- cook on a medium heat stirring til it all comes together and becomes difficult to move- take of the heat, then knead like pastry 3-4 times- store in air tight container (in the fridge if it is summer)

After the playdough is made you can set up a ‘kitchen’.. help your Brisbane Kid make some spaghetti or some cupcakes. Playdough fun is only limited by your imagination!

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  1. Alison says:

    Hi Ngaire, Just wondered if you need to add the food colouring during the cooking process, or if you can add/knead it in after it’s cooked? Thanks!

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