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Plaster Fun House is a creative place to head with your creative Brisbane Kids to paint pre-prepared plaster creations. Located at Carina on Brisbane’s Southside, Plaster Fun House is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon and come away with the proof to show for it. With hundreds of plaster pieces to choose from, there is something for everyone! The best thing about plaster fun is it is something that is just as much fun for parents as it is for kids.

Plaster Fun House cater for all types of Brisbane Kids

Plaster Fun House offers kids in Brisbane an array of plaster creations to paint including figurines, magnets, wall plaques, money boxes and more. They give you everything your Brisbane Kids will need to make a masterpiece including paint, glitter, eyes, other decorating pieces, gloss and lots more! Perfect for all ages as well as boys and girls, Plaster Fun House is a place you can head to knowing that all kids in your tribe will find something that suits their individuality.

The lovely staff are well prepared when it comes to budding young artists. Smocks and aprons for every size are provided, and there is lots of butchers paper around the tables.  The hand washing area is set up for little fingers, with lots of soap and paper towels.

Don’t underestimate how much fun you will have either! In-fact Plaster Fun House Belmont has introduced adult nights where friends head along and paint without the distraction of excitable Brisbane Kids. Just head to their Facebook Page if you want to know more about them.

a brisbane child with plaster

Walk away with a piece of art

Once your beautiful art works are finished they are taken to be sprayed and you are given the choice of further decorating your creations! There are several choices of glitter coating, ribbons, bells, glasses and adorable top hats.  You can also buy take-home kits if you want to extend the fun or stock up for the school holidays.

Plaster Fun House parties and fundraising

Plaster Fun House is also the perfect venue for parties and events as well as offering a mobile service so you can organise to pick up everything you need, which makes it perfect for an at home party covering all the entertainment you will need.

There are also opportunities for school and kindy fundraising. You should contact Plaster Fun House direct to find out more.

Located in Carina, Plaster Fun House Brisbane are an affordable and fun activity, perfect for Brisbane Kids of all ages. Open 6 days a week 10-5 Tuesday to Sunday (open every day of school holidays)   For further information head to their website.






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  1. […] I am a northside mum., from Australia Zoo to GOMA we roam. The northside is fine, I have this *thing* about getting hopelessly lost on the southside. But one rainy day, petrol rich and cash poor I took the plunge and headed over the river.  Our destination was the Belmont Plaster Fun House. […]

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