Pine Rivers Park Strathpine

Pine Rivers Park Strathpine is a fun North Brisbane playground and park, with many great features suited to all abilities, including two impressive playgrounds bike paths and much more.

Pine Rivers Park – The Playground

 Pine Rivers Park in Strathpine is one of the best family parks in North Brisbane. It is the ideal fantastic picnic destination and perfect for kids parties or even a kick around with a ball. This is a popular park, during the week and on weekends, but is positioned over a generous area of greenspace so never feels overcrowded. 

What is wonderful about Pine Rivers Park is that it features two distinct play areas separated by around 80-100 metres of green space. Weekends see this space filled with soccer games and family picnics making this park a true community destination. The play structures aren’t particularly big but it is the variety of things to do that separate this space from others. 

pine rivers park playground

The first playground includes swings, slippery dips, plenty of quirky rides, seesaws and unusual climbing frames to keep Brisbane Kids occupied for hours. 

Popular sections of the original playground include a flying fox which has an elevated platform, with kids commonly lined up for their turn. It sits adjacent to a growing hedge maze which is surrounded by a pedal-powered monorail. It also features a swinging spinning play apparatus and an enormous 6 metres high net construction which is always a challenge to behold regardless of the age of your child. 

monorail playground strathpine

The other adventure playground sits across the lawn from the original playground and features modular net obstacles, slide and multi-level stones for climbing and jumping. It is a lot more climbing orientated and challenging in that respect for toddlers and preschoolers but perfectly suited to them regardless especially if they are into ninja playgrounds and parkour. This playground is also situated under shady trees and is only about 80 metres from the original playground and from the toilets.

green climbing nets, pine rivers park

Strathpine’s Pine Rivers Park is toddler-friendly with wide pathways, a fenced playground area, ample parking and great amenities. The original playground includes swings, slippery dips, plenty of quirky rides, seesaws and unusual climbing frames to keep Brisbane Kids occupied for hours. This is a popular park, during the week and on weekends, but well worth a visit!

Imagination Factor

Aside from the extensive playspace which in itself is incredible, just a little further in the distance is the most lovely patch of growing trees. On a hot summers day or even a cool winters day, it is lovely to take a stroll through a dense forest. It is incredible that children will find this the most satisfying of all.

child climbing playground, pine rivers park


Pine Rivers Park has wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities. There are many flat concrete paths throughout that can be easily navigated by wheelchair or with a pram. Pine Rivers Park has barbeques, picnic tables and shelters and grassy open space to set up for the day. The playground equipment is suited to a variety of abilities.

There is no longer a liberty swing at Pine River Park. It has been replaced by a net swing. 

Pine Rivers Park features

  • The main playground is fenced
  • Lots of different play spaces within a green recreation area
  • Adventure playground with soft fall and bark base
  • Accessible toilet facilities
  • Rubber matting and bark base
  • Some play equipment under shady trees
  • Flying Fox
  • Modular net obstacles
  • Multi-level stepping stones
  • Climbing nets and frames
  • Pedal-powered monorail
  • Slides
  • Seesaws
  • A fun hedge maze which gets bigger by the year. It is quite big so watch your little ones in here
  • Bike and walking paths
  • Large shady trees
  • Grassy open space
  • Barbeques
  • Picnic tables and shelters though worth bringing a gazebo on weekends if you want to ensure a spot
  • Carpark with numerous car parking spots

Birthday Party Park

It is true that Pine Rivers Park is one of the most popular North Brisbane Playgrounds for birthday parties. This is also the ideal location for soccer parties and other sporting birthday parties though not essential as the playground is entertainment enough. 

Word to the wise

Pine Rivers Park has some play equipment that swings quite heavily and while it is within a fairly exposed (yet contained) area, it is worth keeping an eye on toddlers, especially if you are not in a fenced area.

While this is a fenced playground is also quite expansive, when heading here with multiple kids it is always a good idea to keep near to any little runners you might have. While parents seem fairly diligent about closing the gates, there are places where visibility is reduced. Sometimes it is actually less stressful to go to the newer playground across the lawn which is unfenced but offers better visibility.

How to get here

Pine Rivers Park is located on Gympie Road in Strathpine.

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Photos of Pine Rivers Park


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4 responses to “Pine Rivers Park Strathpine”

  1. Linda says:

    The Pine Rivers Park is such an awesome, creative, attractive, fun park. My boys 7 & 8 loved playing there on all the different play equipment and there was a lot to choose from and in great condition.. I only wish I took my camera as it is one of the prettiest and child friendly play parks I have seen. The gorgeous pines and other plants provide just enough shade. It is well landscaped too. It was worth driving all the way from Cleveland to. I think Pine Rivers Park is one of the very best and I hope other parks around Brisbane can be improved to be as great as this. Well done to the landscape architects and to the Council who funded the development of this park. It is a beauty..

  2. […] Pine Rivers Park Strathpine […]

  3. Jackie says:

    So much for being fenced! People and kids won’t close the gates after themselves. One day a stupid kid and mum let my 24 month old out the gate and I had to chase him so he would not get hit by a car!

  4. sally says:

    We love this park! It does have a large fenced area. re: comment about people not closing gates, that could happen at any fenced park. The gates give a sense of security for little ones but its not a guarantee, you still have to watch your kid. lol. This park keeps the kids busy for hours, pack morning tea..

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