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Pine Rivers Kindergarten

Pine Rivers Kindergarten is located in Kallangur, north Brisbane, and welcomes all children from their local area, including Kallangur, North Lakes, Griffin, Petrie, Mango Hill, Kurwongbah and surrounds. Pine Rivers Kindergarten is a not for profit community-based association, with all profits reinvested back into the centre to benefit the children. This association and its assets are owned by the parent body, which elects a Management Committee each year to ensure the effective operation of the kindergarten.

Pine Rivers Kindergarten

About the Pine Rivers Kindergarten environment

Pine Rivers Kindergarten boasts 4 classes of 22 children. Children attend a 5 day fortnight, alternating Wednesdays, from 8:45am – 2:45pm, during each State school term. Pine Rivers Kindergarten is an inclusive environment for all children, and includes full disabled facilities and additional assistance for children with special needs. The Kindy sits spaciously on 3035 sq. meters of land, and is surrounded by a beautiful natural environment just waiting to be explored by happy little feet.

Pine Rivers Kindergarten recently renovated facilities with two large, well-resourced air-conditioned classrooms. These learning environments may be divided into various play areas so that whole class, small groups and independent activities can be fostered and celebrated. Children also have access to iPads within each unit.

Pine Rivers Kindergarten

Outdoor play space

Pine Rivers Kindy’s fully fenced large outdoor play area is the shining star of the Kindy, with established gardens, large natural lawn areas, tall shady trees, and a variety of wildlife visitors. The area boasts wet weather play areas, forts, swings, bridges, sandpits and a dig patch, a mud kitchen, a cubby house, vegetable gardens and shaded play spaces. The Kindy also has a diverse range of gross motor play equipment specifically designed for children from 3 years of age.

Pine Rivers Kindergarten

Indoor / Outdoor concurrent program

The connection between indoor/outdoor learning environments allows children to become active participants in their own learning. It provides opportunities for children to choose to move freely from the outdoor space to the indoor space to engage in play based learning experiences, utilising a variety of material and equipment to meet their learning needs and interests. Their space offers rich context for curiosity, wonder, mystery and what “if” thinking.

Learning at Pine Rivers Kindy is promoted through play, both emergent and planned learning experiences and interactions. Research suggests that play is the best exercise for the brain as it provides the perfect stimulus needed for brain development. Play is the most effective way for children to discover and learn about the world around them.

To ensure they nurture and develop our future generation of thinkers, play at Pine Rivers Kindy is an essential component of their quality Early Childhood Educational experience. Staff at Pine Rivers Kindy utilise The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline within the kindergarten program.

Throughout the day at Pine Rivers Kindy, opportunities to strengthen a child’s sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming will be available as each discovers and develops:

  • Different ways of communicating and expressing themselves through language, art, dramatic play, music and dance
  • Social skills through interactions with other children and adults
  • Strategies for problem solving and decision making
  • Coordination, agility and fine motor skills
  • Creative thinking and;
  • Responsibility and independence

Pine Rivers Kindergarten

The History of Pine Rivers Kindergarten

The original site for the Pine Rivers Kindergarten was charitably donated by Miss Eliza J Beattie, a local Pine Rivers resident. The community project to build the Kindergarten commenced in July, 1961. The first unit opened on 21 August, 1965, and the second unit on 29 July, 1972.

Pine Rivers Kindergarten is affiliated with C & K Kindergartens.

Pine Rivers Kindergarten educators

Quality education and care for your child

At Pine Rivers Kindy they believe that childhood is a unique time of life – to be valued and enjoyed in its own right. They also recognise that this is the time where foundations are laid for learning, understanding, communicating and socialising. The educator’s value children growing up with the understandings, skills and attitude to be caring and effective learners, able to contribute to their world by enjoying and appreciating rich and successful relationships with others.

Pine Rivers Kindergarten aims to fulfil their mission statement by providing a supportive play and learning environment for young families, that acknowledges and respects the uniqueness of each child, and the importance of family and the surrounding community. Pine Rivers Kindy also recognises that the parents are their child’s most influential teachers, and as such, they warmly welcome parent involvement and feedback.

The Kindergarten’s reputation is built upon the foundation provided by our caring and passionate teaching staff. Several Teachers/Assistant Educators have been with Pine Rivers Kindy for over 20 years now, which is the hallmark of any great organisation. Additionally, Pine Rivers Kindergarten has received an overall rating of Exceeding in the National Quality Standards (NQS).

If you are interested in meeting with Pine Rivers Kindergarten’s dedicated teaching staff to experience firsthand their wonderful facilities, please feel free to contact the Kindergarten. The centre believes in total transparency and they want you to see their kindy in action – no staging, no setups; just their teachers doing what they do best. Contact the kindy and let them know you’re on your way and a personalised tour can be arranged from Monday to Friday 8:30am – 12noon during the State School term.

Pine Rivers Kindergarten is located at 22-30 Harding Street, Kallangur. Pine Rivers Kindergarten welcomes your enquiries regarding their programs, enrolment procedures and facilities. Please visit their website at to find out more.

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