Phil Denman Park in Jamboree Heights

At the end of a dead-end street in Jamboree Heights, you will uncover one of the best-kept secrets in the Western suburbs – a brand new impressive kids playground combined with wide open spaces, basketball courts, crickets nets and an off-leash dog area.

Why we love this Jamboree Heights Playground

  • Visually an incredible playground
  • Great for toddlers
  • Monkey bars for older kids
  • Sensory play equipment

Phil Denman Park playground

Phil Denman playground is a new and modern park with the latest in playground equipment on offer. The playground consists of 4 awesome forts on different levels with bridges, climbing frames and monkey bars. Ladders, a fireman pole and a mixture of enclosed and double slides act as entry and exit points to and from the forts. While the monkey bars and bridges are a good challenge for older kids, the park also works well for toddlers with 2 swings, smaller slides and a lot of sensory play equipment on the ground level such as steering wheels, gears, mirrors, naughts and crosses games, music tubes and more.

A quick stroll away from the playground equipment takes you into a sportsman’s paradise that will entertain the kids for hours with crickets nets, half court basketball court and a rebound wall. There is a very large open grassed perfect for kids to run wild. The park also has a shared pathway from Loffs Road through to Beanland Street which is great for kids to ride their bikes and scooters on and includes a cute little bridge over the creek that winds through the Loffs Road end of the park.

Imagination Factor

This is really a park that will entertain Brisbane Kids of all ages. Little kids can princesses, knights or firemen as they play in the forts.  Bigger kids can be Micheal Jordan or Michael Clark as they take advantage of the sporting equipment available. The open spaces lend themselves to a game of tiggy, a family game of soccer or football or would be perfect for flying a kite on a windy day. Trees provide shade throughout the park which would be a great place for a family picnic. Really, Brisbane Kids are only limited by their imagination at this park which could entertain families and kids of all ages for hours.


There is no specific special needs equipment at Phil Denman Park, and unfortunately, the park is not accessible to wheelchairs from the Beanland Street entry as there are bollards from the car park blocking access to the playground. Wheelchairs could access the park via Loffs Rd, however, as there is a beautiful walk across a bridge on a wide footpath that would cater for both wheelchairs and double prams. Wheelchairs and prams would have to be pushed across the open grassed areas to access the playground, basketball courts, crickets nets and rebound wall. Currently, there are no toilet facilities.

Jamboree Heights Playground

Phil Denman Park features

  • BBQ
  • Toilets 
  • Playground equipment for a variety of ages over a soft-fall base
  • Unfenced playground
  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Monkey Bars
  • Bridges
  • Forts
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Sensory Toys/instruments
  • Fireman pole
  • Naughts and crosses game
  • Musical tubes
  • Open flat grassy spaces
  • Water
  • Basketball Half Court
  • Practice cricket nets
  • Rebound wall
  • Off leash fenced dog park
  • Shared pathway
  • Car parking in surrounding streets, with a small 10 car carpark available near the playground which will get busy at school drop-off and pick up time
  • Accessible by public transport (bus). Park is approximately 3 minutes walk from the bus stop.

Another great Brisbane Playground nearby is Jindalee Park.

Phil Denman Park is located on Beanland Street at Jamboree Heights.

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