The easiest way to make and play with a pet rock

Looking for a quick and easy craft project to make with or for your children? Pet rocks. Yes pet rocks. Children love being able to create their own friend for the garden and they can be used in so many different ways.

We made pet rock beetles and held a treasure hunt

My children’s Pop made them a set of beetles recently and hid them around his garden. The children then set off on a treasure hunt to find all the hidden beetles. And at the end Pop had a lolly treat for each of them. The beetles, hunting and lollies were all a HUGE hit. Pop has since gone on to make each child their own personalised beetle with their name painted on the underbelly. And he has also recreated the musical pop group “The Beatles” as rock beetles. All to the amusement of his grandchildren.


At home, these beetles have been used to tell nursery rhymes (Ladybird, Ladybird fly away home….), as counting aides for our youngest, as friends in our fairy garden and simply for playing with. Their uses are endless.

To make your own pet rock you will need:

  • Smooth pebbles of assorted sizes
  • Paint
  • Black sharpie pen
  • Craft eyes and craft glue (optional extras)
  • Imagination


  • Paint a base colour onto your rock and leave to dry.
  • Add stripes, spots or wings in a complementing colour.
  • Either paint eyes on or using craft glue and eyes paste the eyes on.
  • Use a black sharpie pen to outline and define markings.


You could also make:

  • Monsters
  • Animals
  • Faces
  • Planets
  • Sea creatures
  • Love notes for lunch boxes
  • Story Stones

You can find pet rocks at on Brisbane Northside or at any local fresh water creek. You could also cheat and head to a local landscaping place- but half the fun is looking for the stones!

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