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Corinda Compounding Chemist

Does your child have allergies, or intolerances to certain additives? Are they unable to take certain types or forms of medication? Are they very sensitive to the taste of medication? Are you looking for medication that is preservative free? Or are you worried about the possibility of overmedication through standard off-the-shelf options? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then the Corinda Compounding Chemist could be exactly what you need!


What is compounding?

Compounding medicine is the process in which a qualified pharmacist prepares your medication from scratch using raw materials, in order to customise it to your specific, individual needs and circumstances, rather than simply giving you mass-produced medications that may not suit you.

Corinda Compounding Chemist specialises in the production of tailored medication customised to meet each patient’s needs, which are prepared by their specially trained professionals and combine the traditional art of creating prescription medications with the latest medical knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.

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What does the Corinda Compounding Chemist do?

The Corinda Compounding Chemist provides Compound Prescription Services to patients throughout Brisbane and the surrounding areas, from their state-of-the-art Compounding Laboratory on Oxley Rd in Corinda. They have over 20 years’ experience in servicing the pharmaceutical needs of their patients and pride themselves on their knowledge, skill and dedication to the highest quality of patient care.

Corinda Compounding Chemist is a member of the Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia (PCCA) and, as such, uses only certified chemicals in the preparation of compounded medicine. This ensures that every compounded prescription is produced to the highest standard.

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How can compounding help my family?

The Corinda Compounding Chemist specialises in Paediatric Compounding and offers a wide variety of compounded formulas for infants and children including:

  • Making available medications that are not commercially available.
  • Making medicine more palatable.
  • Converting medications usually only available as a tablet to a liquid or topical form.
  • Making medicines free from gluten, flavour and other allergens.

Their pharmacists work collaboratively with doctors to compound medicines with specific strengths, dosages and methods of administration for individual patients. Some of the most commonly requested compounds include:

  • Omeprazole 2mg/ml or 5mg/ml Suspension: Available in 50ml or 100ml bottles. Sweeteners (stevioside) or flavours such as banana, tutti frutti and guava are used to enhance compliance.
  • Melatonin 10mg/ml Suspension: Available in 10ml, 20ml, 30ml & 50ml and can be compounded without preservatives and flavours if specified.

Supporters of the Dr Aron Eczema Treatment Program

Corinda Compounding Chemist is also a passionate supporter of the Dr Aron Eczema Treatment Program, and can compound formulas specific to this treatment regimen. Dr Aron specialises in treating atopic eczema and his methods use a combination of steroid, antibiotic and moisturiser compounded together to deliver an easy to use but very effective method of controlling eczema and in reducing the itch. The medications used are individually tailored according to the patients age, weight and severity of eczema.

Corinda Compounding Chemist - dr aron

From a parent of one of Dr Aron’s patients (pictured above): “Thanks to Dr Aron, Jillian’s rigorous routine of bleach baths, wet wrapping and the countless pile of steroids and creams are a thing of the past! She is a thriving 11 year old that is able to run and play and continues to be eczema free. Thank you Dr Aron, you have saved our daughter’s life!

Corinda Compounding Chemist - Dr Aron baby

From another parent of one of Dr Aron’s patients (pictured above): “[before] finding Dr. Aron, she could not sleep for more than two hours at a time, day or night. She scratched constantly. It was a nightmare. On the second day after starting the creams, she slept for four hours in one go. Six hours the next night. All night long by the fourth day. Dr. Aron has transformed her skin and our lives. We will never stop being grateful that we found him.

To learn more about their compounding services and how they can help you or your family, you can contact Corinda Compounding Chemist at [email protected] or call 3379 2189, visit or head in to the Corinda Day and Night Pharmacy at 661 Oxley Road, Corinda.

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