How To Find A Mothers Group In Brisbane

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Finding a good mothers group is something many mums long for almost before they conceive their baby. Mum groups can be about finding new friends who can relate to having a baby at a similar time, finding mums who live close by or just finding a way to get out of the house with a new baby in a like-minded group.

Finding the perfect Brisbane mums group

  • An early way of finding a mums group is by attending a prenatal class, most likely attached the hospital where you plan to give birth. This naturally connects you with mums who are having babies at similar times, (and also dads).
  • Birth centres (if you are lucky enough to get into one) often have mothers groups as part of their community.
  • Ask your child health nurse at your 6 weeks check up. Child health nurses speak to new mums all the time and often know the best groups in their local area.
  • Ask Playgroup QLD – often playgroups are filled with new mums, (so don’t worry that you have missed out if you have moved to a new area or didn’t find a mothers group during pregnancy).
  • Check with your local church especially community churches and Baptist Churches who seem to operate quality, (often daily), playgroup type sessions. Some even operate groups just for mums with new babies.
  • If you have older kids in child care ask your centre if they are aware of any mothers groups running locally.
  • Check with your local library
  • You could also consider a local exercise group for mums if you want to use this time to be both active, and meet new friends.
  • has a list of lots of groups especially for mums, categorised by location and sometimes by interests like this one for surfing mums
  • Use the Facebook search function to insert “North Brisbane mums” or “South Brisbane mums”, or be moe specific and try and limit to your suburb. Ask to join and when you are accepted ask if anyone is aware of any local mums group, or if anyone would like to be a part of one! See below an example of how you might do this.

how to find a mothers group on facebook

Our biggest tip on finding the right mothers group for you

  • Don’t wait for a mother group to find you. Go out and look for them. Like playgroups or any other networking event, the first time can be awkward and that is ok, and if it doesn’t work out then try another one. Don’t be put off by one experience.

Mothers Group location ideas

Ideal mothers group locations will vary depending on the ages of the kids and the size of the group needing to be catered for as well as the time of the year. Changing the locations is a great way to keep things interesting and as the kids get older, a great way to get out and about with your kids.

You can use the Brisbane Kids website to search for a local playground that is close to you or even find one that is fenced if you have older kids. Look for playgrounds that have facilities like bathrooms and shade.

Playcentres provide an indoor location for you to be able to share a coffee with friends and have older kids run off to join the fun. The good thing about play centres is that they tend to have specific toddler areas with soft fall grounds which are ideal for babies learning to crawl. Obviously, you also get the benefit of baby change facilities. The downside is the entry fee.

Libraries are another unlikely option for mothers group meetings and you might be able to tie it in with one of their free baby programs.

Coffee shops are a common destination (for obvious reasons), especially when it comes to smaller groups. The Brisbane Kids website is slowly populating a section with child-friendly cafes to make it easier to find places that are encouraging a parent clientele.

Baby/Mum movies sessions are run at most cinemas and they mean you can actually watch a movie, with friends, without worrying that your baby is going to upset anyone.

In the warmer months, look for local swimming pools that have splash and play areas.

If you know of a mothers group we haven’t mentioned make sure you leave it in comments below!



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2 responses to “How To Find A Mothers Group In Brisbane”

  1. The Stafford General Store cafe holds a drop in Mums and Bubs group every Friday (8:30-12:30pm) to coincide with the free child health clinic run by Kathy, a lactation consultant at SuperPharmacyPlus next door. Mums can wait to see Kathy in the cafe, and get an SMS when they are next in line.

  2. PJ Wells says:

    Nascent Wellness was fantastic and have mothers groups, postnatal yoga and Pilates and it’s just a gorgeous place to hang out! They’re at Old Cleveland Rd in Coorparoo

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