Pattern Bandits Exhibition @ GOMA | THE REVIEW

Pattern Bandits exhibition at GOMA


Looking for an exciting and colourful activity to fill your school holiday calendar? GOMA has a colourific, pattern crazed new exhibition that will send your Brisbane Kids into a spin. “Pattern Bandits” by Australian artist Jemima Wyman is a wildly wonderful exhibition drawing on Jemima’s interest in the relationships between pattern, people and architecture. Children will be transported into a world with an array of patterns from harlequin to kaleidoscopes. The space is highly patterned and vibrantly coloured with installations, videos, craft and puzzles.

The Kaleidoscope Hall

Pattern Bandits exhibition at GOMA

Children are welcomed down a kaleidoscope hallway where videos transport them inside a kaleidoscope. This hall is crazy and will have your Brisbane Kid pull all kinds of wonderful faces into the camera experimenting with the changing kaleidoscope in front of them.

A Creative Space for Kids

Pattern Bandits exhibition at GOMA

Create a collage on a circular card and watch your creation spin on the Spinning Wall Mandala Portal or experiment with patterns to create a stunning bandana. There is an interactive video called Pattern Power Moves where performers dance and move in a checkered disco style room. Can your Brisbane Kids copy the performer’s movement sequences?

Pattern Bandits Children’s Activities

Pattern Bandits exhibition at GOMA

Mirrored activity tables entice children to play and change patterns, creating new combinations that are mirrored in front of them.

This exhibition is a wonderfully wild explosion of colour and pattern that will give your child a whole new sensory experience.

WARNING: This exhibition may cause some children with sensory sensitivity to become overwhelmed. The excessive patterns can be quite confronting and if the space is busy the added noise level would be quite overpowering. People who suffer from Epilepsy should proceed with caution.

Pattern Bandits is open at the Children’s Art Centre ǀ Park Level ǀ GOMA daily until 2nd November 2014. Admission is free. For more information, please visit

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